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Computer Science

College of Engineering and Applied Science

Faculty and Graduate Students Usage Policy

There are a number of well-defined policy issues related to use of your account, many of which are specified in your account agreement with the University of Wyoming. The ones stated here are not necessarily inclusive. If you have a question about the permissibility of an action, please contact Computer Science administrators for clarification. Please see the General Usage Policy as well


  • Any equipment purchased by grants and university money is the property of the university. All Computer Science equipment is the responsibility of the System Administrators. They will have full privileges on the equipment for maintenance and repairs.
  • Faculty are allowed root/administrator privilege on "their" computers. If granted this right, they are held to the same standards the as System Administrators, please see the Computer System Administration policy and practices for Computer Science computers
    • All aspects of the CS policies must be followed, even on university equipment at home.
  • Graduate students may only be granted root/administrator privileges with written permission of their advisor. Again they will be held to the same standards as the System Administrators
  • Personal desktops, workstations, and servers (any computer that is plugged in to the network and left on) are not allowed.
    • Exceptions can be made to this rule (with Department head and/or advisor's written authorization), but only if the System administrators have full control over the computer and it follows University, College and CS policies for security and use.
    • If a machine is found not following security polices, it will be turned off and removed. Exception: Laptops using wireless access. Since they do not stay within the CS department network, nor are they "on" 24 hours a day.

Faculty and Graduate students:

  • Since Faculty and Graduate students are doing research they are granted more privileges than undergraduates. With these rights comes the extra responsibility not to abuse the privileges.
    • The System Administrators understand that exceptions may need to be made for teaching and research. We are here to ensure that you are able to do both.
  • Graduate students who are teaching courses are provided equipment by the department to enable them to teach the course.
  • The System Administrators will consider all information regarding and stored by Computer Science graduate students and faculty as confidential, unless otherwise noted in the Computer System Administration policy and practices for Computer Science computers.
  • Any research they may cause security issues, must be reported to the System Administrators before the work is started
    • Research in security, DOES NOT give the research the right to breach University, College, and/or Computer Science Computers and networks. Such work must be completed off the University and Computer Science network.
    • Do not attempt to break-in or exploit security holes to gain access to any account at this or any other facility.
  • You are granted full e-mail accounts. Please don't save every e-mail you get as it can use a lot of storage space.
  • Neither Faculty nor Graduate students are allowed to remove or disable security software and anti-virus software. Doing so, can result in the immediate reformatting of the hard drives and reinstallation of the computer to "standard" by System Administrators or removal of equipment for faculty and/or student use.
  • Neither Faculty nor Graduate students are allowed to remove equipment (except laptops) to their homes unless they have prior permission of the department head and/or the System Administrators.

Unlawful purposes

  • Transmission and storage of any material in violation of any US or state regulations is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited, to unauthorized copyrighted materials (such as music, movies, pictures, and software), threatening or obscene material (and e-mail) and material protected by trade secret.
  • Mass emailing (spamming) and threatening or abusing other users electronically.
  • Student information such as ID numbers and grades are private information and may not be made public.

Commercial use

  • You may not use Computer Science Department equipment, accounts, software or computer networks for commercial use. This includes, but is not limited to, mass e-mailing (known as SPAM). Accounts are granted strictly for research and class use only. Use of University equipment for Commercial use can be classified as thief of resources under Wyoming State Law.

Problem Resolution and Improper Use

  • Improper use is covered by the General Usage Policy
  • Accidental Improper use sometimes happens and the System Administrators will attempt to educate the user on what the problem is. Again if you are unsure about an action, please contact the System Administrators.
  • For Faculty, if the System Administrators and the faculty can not come to resolution for policy problems, the problem will be brought to the department head
  • For Graduate students, if the System Administrators and the student can not come to resolution for policy problems, the problem will be brought to their advisor. If the advisor is unable or unavailable, then department head

In general, it is important to realize that the actions you take when using your account reflect on the Computer Science Department as well as the Engineering College and University of Wyoming as a whole.

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