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Teasha Crawford (my wife - married in 2001)
Thomas Crawford (born 2003)
Allie Crawford (born 2005)
Hinckley Crawford (born 2008)
Spencer Crawford (born 2011)

My hometown is Cedar City, a small town in the southern corner of Utah.
Born in 1979 with a double cleft-pallete so I was required to wear braces for 15 years.
I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly referred to as Mormon).
If you want to know about my beliefs I have a page on a different site here.
From 1998 to 2000 I lived in Brazil serving a church mission.
Most of my time was spent deep in the hills of the Brazilian state Santa Catarina.
My wife and I were married in 2001 in the St. George Utah Temple.
When we were married we planned on having four kids two years apart in age.
Graduated from SUU with a Bachelor's in Mathematics
Then from BYU with a Master's in Statistics
Finally I graduated with a PhD from Texas A&M in Statistics.
Now I am teaching statistics courses at the University of Wyoming.

Career Interests:
In the past I have studied actuarial science, and I passed the first three exams.
My Master's project examined Mass Spectrometry to detect ovarian cancer.
I have published articles in the fields of statistical computing and asympmotitc efficiency with missing data.
I consider myself a mathematician doing statistics. That being said I'm big on "draw the picture".
My current position at UW is an Academic Professional Lecturer, which means I do not
  have research expectations, but I have expectations for teaching and developing the departmental program.
My goals include undergraduate recruitment, improving the teaching quality,
  developing online instruction, and integrating the undergraduate and masters programs.

Home Life:
Church is a big deal in our family - we try to live life right.
We live near Washington Park and our children love to play there.
The kids enjoy bike rides, jumping on the trampoline, fishing, and reading.
Our favorite computer games include Portal, Bloons Tower Defense, and Marvel Avengers Alliance.
We probably count as nerdy, since we like the fantasy stuff like Star Wars or Harry Potter.
My kids have goals to be mechanical engineers, or the Hulk.
Click here for a list of our favorite movies that we've seen

I like to know my students. UW is a place where we care about the people first.
I encourage UW students to stop by and tell me how it's going (such as I have time).
Favorite movies: Galaxy Quest, Truman Show, X-men, Princess Bride, Lord of the Rings
TV: Dead Zone, Once Upon a Time, Grimm, Shield, Enterprise, McGyver, Dr Who
Books: Wheel of Time, Fablehaven, Annotated Alice, Flatland, Hive, Harry Potter
I don't have a problem discussing religion, money or sex (all considered awkward)
  As much as I like bringing up topics such as religion I understand those subjects
  are very sensitive and as an academic professional it would be inappropriate for me
  to bring them up, so I typically do not unless someone else mentions it first.
  It's also easy to start a conversation about the weather, or movies and books.
I'm not so fond of politics, sports, or getting into arguments.
One of my favorite hobbies is playing board games. I have Settlers of Catan,
  Robo Rally, New York Chase, Agricola, MagBlast, Shadows Over Camelot, and Aquire.
  And that's only a fraction of the games I enjoy playing.
  We have some great friends that are fun to have over.
But the most fun I have is teaching statistics. I love getting a hostile student
  who is just sure this will be a miserable class and showing them how fun it can be.

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