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Enhanced Oil Recovery Papers:

Wyoming Reservoir Information Tool (WyRIT) presented by Nick Jones at PUG in Houston April, 2016.

The Economic Contribution of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in Wyoming (2010-2012) - Benjamin R. Cook, PhD

North American CO2 Supply for EOR - Glenn Murrell, PhD

Wyoming's Miscible CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery Potential from Main Pay Zones: An Economic Scoping Study - Benjamin R. Cook, PhD

Minnelusa Information Resource - Utilizing Forney and Shier Datasets - Vandy Jones

Characterizations of Fractures and Their Effect on REservoir Directional FLow in Tensleep Sandstones - Peigui Yin & Shaochang Wo

Energy and the Future in Wyoming - Geoffrey Thyne

Implementation of a Geographical Information System (GIS) for the Wyoming Enhanced Oil REcovery Institute (EORI)  South West Users Group Conference - Brian Reyes

New Developments in Screening and Scoping Methodologies for CO2 EOR  14th annual CO2 Flooding Conference - Glen Murrell

Core evaluation and clay analysis of the Newcastle Sandstone, Osage Wyoming (2013) - Chopping, Jones, Yin

The Economic Contribution of CO2 Enhanced Oil Recovery in Wyoming (2010-2012) - Benjamin R. Cook, PhD

Evaluation of Low Salinity Injection for the Minnelusa Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming -Geoffry Thyne/Pubuda Gamage

Grieve Field study - Shaochang Wo & Peigui Yin

Tensleep Fracture Compendium - Scott P. Cooper & John C Lorenz

Memo Deadman Creek ASP Project Summary - David Mohrbacher

Geochemical modeling and experimental evaluation of high-pH floods: Impact of Water-Rock interactions in sandstone - Mahdi Kazempour, Eric Sundstrom, Vladimir Alvarado

ASP design for the Minnelusa formation under low-salinity conditions: Impacts of anhydrite on ASP performance - Casey S. Gregerses, Mahdi Kazempour, Vladimir Alvarado

Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute CO2 Conference Presentations

1st Annual CO2 Conference 2007:

Robert Colosimo EOR Opportunity, Producer Perspective

Brent Lohnes Lost Cabin Gas Plant CO2

Brian Jefferies Wyoming Pipeline Authority

Chuck Peterson CO2 in Wyoming: The Beaver Creek Madison CO2 Project

Enhanced Oil Recovery and CO2

Craig Walters Salt Creek Field: CO2 Revitalizes Old Giant

Ian Andrews CO2 In Wyoming: Jim Bridger Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Project

John Dobritz Technical Overview: CO2 FLoods

Jon Doyle DKRW, Medicine Bow and EOR

Shaochang Wo CO2 Demand estimates for Major Oil Fields in Wyoming Basins

L. Stephen Melzer  The History and Development of CO2 EOR in the Permian Basin

2nd Annual CO2 Conference 2008:

Brian Jefferies  Wyoming Pipeline Authority

Chris Mullen Grieve Field, Natrona County, WY  CO2 Potential

Chuck Peterson Beaver Creek Madison CO2 Project

Jason Gaines  Monell Unit CO2 Flood

John Stroud  The Bairoil Complex

Kelly Geohagen  LaBarge Field & Shute Creek Facility

Mark Tomasso Geological Characterization of the Muddy/Newcastle Sandstone Reservoir, Fiddler Creek Field, Weston Co. Wyoming.

Owen Phillips  Identifying Profitable CO2 Projects in Wyoming

Ray Hattenbach  Carbon Credits:  How They Can Provide an Accelerated Path for Deploying CCS

Scott Vanderau Refined Energy Holdings

Steve Melzer An Updated Status of CO2 Flooding and Emerging Options for the Future

Steve Morzenti Underground Coal Gasification in the "Deep Coals" of the Powder River Basin and Preliminary Implications for EOR

3rd Annual CO2 Conference 2009:

Brian Jeffries One Version of a Fully Built Out CO2 Pipeline Grid

Brice Freeman  Status of Post-Combustion Carbon Capture Technology Development

Chuck Peterson The Beaver Creek Field Madison CO2 Project Update 2009

Sargas  Clean Energy Now: Yes We Can

Skip Thomas Labarge Field & Shute Creek Facility

James Covell  Powder River BAsin Underground Coal Gasification

James Page  Salt Creek Field CO2 Flood Performance

James Bryant  Sask-Montana CCS Project Overview & IPAC-CO2

Juan Nevarez Implementing Surveillance Tools and Processes to Improve Performance and Identify Possible Opportunities in Mature CO2 FLoods

Ken Brown Practical Business Aspects of the CO2 EOR Process

Michael Parker  Utilizing the LaBarge Experience to Support the Global Development of CCS

Mike Clark UOP SelexolTM Technology Applications for CO2 Capture

Mike Moore Federal Updates

Owen Phillips  Scoping Profitable CO2 Projects in WYoming

Skip Thomas LaBarge Field & Shute Creek Facility

Steve Melzer  North American CO2 Status

Steve Melzer  Concurrent CO2 EOR and Carbon Capture and Storage

Thomas Lockhart  Carbon Capture and Sequestration

Tracy Evans Anthropogenic CO2 Sources

4th Annual CO2 Conference 2010:

Brian Roux and Janel Andersen  Salt Creek and Monell CO2 Projects

Bob Trentham  Residual Oil Zones From Science to Commercial Exploration

Charlie Carlisle  Single Well Chemical Tracer Testing Services

Chris Bledsoe  Evaluating and Estimating CO2 Facility Needs and Costs

Wyoming Pipeline Authority  Crude Oil Pipelines in the Rockies: An Historical Review

Don Schofield  Underground Coal Gasification

George Peridas  CO2-Enhanced Oil Recovery: Increasing U.S. Energy Security through Climate Legislation

Matt Watson Development and Performance Update of the Cambrian Reservoir in Bairoil

Michael Moore  Federal Policy Updates

DKRW  Medicine Bow Fuel & Power Project

Mike Parker and Skip Thomas  A Global View of CCS Development:  Strategies at the LaBarge Field/Shute Creek Facility and Beyond

Steve Melzer, Charlie Carlisle & George Koperna  Residual Oil Data, Science and Exploration by EOR

Thomas Doll  Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission

Tracy Evans  Defining Denbury

Veronica Chodur  Beaver Creek Field Update Madison CO2 Flood

5th Annual CO2 Conference 2011:

David Mohrbacher  EORI Update

Veronica Chodur  Beaver Creek Madison - Reservoir Management and Conformance

Clay Condon and Michael Parker Shute Creek Gas Plant Project Updates

Ralph Schulte Grieve CO2 Project:  2011 Status Report Natrona County, Wyoming

Tracy Evans - Denbury Resources

Bob Kelly  Medicine Bow Fuel and Power Update

Peter Swaddle  Introduction to Carbon Energy and UCG-EOR opportunities

Chris Mullen   Linc Energy operations

Nik Wood   Economically Efficient Reservoir Operations

Bob Trentham   ROZ - Overview

Peigui Yin   ROZ in Wyoming

Mark Holtz    Immiscible EOR

Bruce Hill EOR and CCS: Public Policy Developments and Regulatory Considerations 

Brian Jeffries  "Want to build a pipeline? - who do you have to ask?" 

Lynne Boomgaarden  Regulatory Update

Glenn Murrell  Wyoming CO2 Status and Developments

6th Annual CO2 Conference 2012:

EORI Update, David Mohrbacher, EORI

Wyoming CO2 EOR Status, Glen Murrell, EORI

Economic Contribution of Wyoming CO2-EOR, Ben Cook, UW Dept. Econ and Finance

Keynote (CO2 EOR Status), Steve Melzer, Melzer Consulting

CCS to CCUS An Operators Perspective Mike Blincow

CCS to CCUS Panel Discussion Mike Moore

One Step on the Path to Solving Climate Change Richard Garrett

Shute Creek Facility and Controlled Freeze ZoneTM Updates, Clay Condon and Scott Kelman, ExxonMobil

CO2 Mobility Control, George Hirasaki, Rice University

Improving Conformance in CO2 Floods with Polymer Gel Treatments, Mike Lantz, TIORCO

Regulatory Update, Lynne Boomgaarden, Belcher and Boomgaarden

Oxy-Fuel Technology for Enhanced Oil Recovery, Hermano Ferreira, Siemens Energy, and Chris Peters, Clean Energy Systems

NGL Recovery from CO2 Recycle in Miscible Floods, Eric Prim, Pilot Energy Solutions

The Texas Clean Energy Project (TCEP), Jim Ford, Summit Power Group

CO2 Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery - Theoretical and Experimental Considerations, Edmond Shtepani, Intertek Westport Technology Center

Rangely Case Study, Rory Clark, Chevron

Rocky Mountain Region Activities Update, John Filiatrault, Denbury Resources

Grieve and Bell Creek CO2 EOR Updates, Alton Ahrens and Russ Welch, Denbury Resources

7th Annual CO2 Conference 2013:

EORI Strategy and CO2 - David Mohrbacher, EORI

Wyoming CO2 Status and Developments - Glen Murrell, EORI

Economic Scoping - Ben Cook, University of Wyoming

Wyoming Pipeline Initiative Update - Brian Jeffries,  Wyoming Pipeline Authority

Hydrocarbon Conversion Panel Paul Quist

Dakota Gasification, Brian Deurloo

CO2 Sources David Bell

Small Operator: Aneth Field - Steve Hoppe, Resolute Energy

Shute Creek Supply Developments - Tim Khayyal, ExxonMobil

Tensleep Sandstone Geology - Steve Fryberger, EORI

Regulatory Update - Lynne Boomgaarden, Boomgaarden and Belcher

Advanced Simulation and Visualization Project - Bill Savage, Nitec LLC

A Squeezable Asphaltene Inhibitor in CO2 Flooded Oil Fields - Geoffrey Leonard, Baker Huges

Hartzog Draw CO2 Flooding Project - Gunther Weisbrich, Denbury Resources

Grieve Field Development Update - Kristen Barrett, Denbury Resources

Denbury Resources Rocky Mountain Region Activity Update - Mike Blincow, Denbury Resources   

Implementing Pilot CO2 Floods - Mark Holtz, Praxair

8th Annual CO2 Conference 2014:

EORI Updates - Tom Fitzsimmons, EORC Chairman

Wyoming CO2 EOR Updates - Glen Murrell, GE Global Research

Scoping Model - Ben Cook, University of Wyoming Dept. of Economics & Finance

CO2 EOR 'Potpourri': Constrained Deployment, ROZ Excitement, Technology Challenges, CCUS and the Like - Steve Melzer, Melzer Consulting

Overview of the EERC’s Bakken CO2 EOR Research Programs - John Harju, EERC

Regulatory Update - Vicki Marquis and Uriah Price, Crowley-Fleck Attorneys

Transportable Sources of CO2 for EOR - Jean-Philippe Feve, Neumann Systems Group

CO2 Gas Compression: Flexibility & Solutions through Various Services & Designs - Jason Sowels, Reagan Power & Compression

Energized Solutions - Fracturing Fluid Selection - Robin Watts, Linde

Big Sand Draw - Chuck Peterson, Devon Energy

Insights and Managing CO2 WAG Injectivity - Mark Holtz, Baker Hughes

Denbury Northern Rockies Update - Mike Blincow, Denbury

ROZ of the Tensleep Formation - Peigui Yin, EORI

9th Annual CO2 Conference 2015:

Exploring Economic Criteria for EOR Projects - Ben Cook - EORI/UW Energy MBA Program

Considerations for Chemical Flooding - Malcolm Pitts - SURTEK, Inc

Characteristics of Unconventional Reservoirs - Andy Finley - Goolsby, Finley & Associates

Moving from Secondary to Tertiary Recovery Stages - Jim Mack - Mtech Ventures LLC

Understanding Wyoming’s Oil & Gas Revenue Stream - Mark Gordon - WY State Treasure

CO2 Update - The Carbon Market - Kipp Coddington - Carbon Management Institute

Characterization and Evaluation of the Bakken Petroleum System for CO2 and Enhanced Oil Recovery - Jim Sorensen - UND-EERC

In for the Long Haul - Why Lower Oil Prices is a Good Thing - Michelle Foss, Bureau of Economic Geology Center for Energy Economics - UT- Austin

Osage Pilot Study - Marron Bingle- Davis,Sunshine Valley Petroleum, Nick Jones EORI

Big Sand Draw Update - Doug Flaten - Devon Energy

Introduction to Fleur de Lis Energy - Joe Nicholas - Fleur di Lis Energy

IOR/EOR Conference Persentations:

IOR/EOR Conference 2008:

Enigma: A Case Study in ASP Implementation Bob Christofferson 

CO2_EOR Projects Key considerations of Design, Implementation and Operation Craig Walters 

EOR in Wyoming Don Likwartz 

Brief Introduction to Polymer Flooding and Gel Treatments and Injectivity Characteristics of EOR Polymers Randall Seright 

The Economics of Enhanced Oil Recovery: Does it Make Cents? James Griffin 

What We Know About EOR Today Larry Lake 

EORI Screening and Scoping Tools for Wyoming Oil Fields Glen Murrell 

Reserve Growth & Higher Recovery Using Nitrogen Gas Injection Joe Shine 

Implementing a Chemical EOR Project John Putnam 

Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Malcolm Pitts 

Reservoir Characterization Mark Tomasso 

CO2 EOR, Reservoir Sweep and CO2 Storage Steve Melzer 

IOR/EOR Conference 2010:

Basic Screening Decisions for Considering EOR Projects Charlie Carlisle 

Enhanced Oil Potential at Grieve Field, Natrona County, Wyoming Chris Mullen 

Recovering Stranded Oil Through Improved and Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies Dane Cantwell 

Wyoming Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute: Visions for the Future David Mohrbacher 

South Casper Creek:  Steamflood Pilot Implementation Jeremy Wagner 

Reservoir Characterization From Production and Injection Fluctuations Larry Lake

Immiscible Gas Displacement Recovery Mark Holtz 

'Unconventional' EOR Targets  Residual Oil Zones Steve Melzer 

Wyoming Case Studies Related to MARCIT Gel Treatments Mike Lantz 

Powerwave-Waterflood  Case History, Alberta, Canada Les Garner and John Warren 

Implementing a Chemical EOR Project John Putnam 

Potential for Polymer Flooding Reservoirs with Viscous Oils Randall Seright 

Reservoir Characterization for Geological Static Modeling Mark Tomasso

IOR/EOR Conference 2011:

Capacitance-Resistance Modeling  Larry Lake, UT Austin

Improved Waterfloods: From Laboratory to Field Norman Morrow, University of Wyoming

Examples of IOR by Controlling Water Rick Hutchins, Schlumberger

CO2 Foams  Trevor Hughes, Schlumberger

Colloidal Dispersion Gells and Their Application in Wyoming and Elsewhere  Eduardo Manrique, TIORCO

NiMin Energy and Combined Miscible Drive EOR  Sven Hagen & Scott Dobson, NiMin Energy

RESTORE Production Enhancement Program  Miranda Cruttenden, Baker Hughes

Screening Technologies  Vladimir Alvarado, University Of Wyoming

Practical Reservoir Performance Analysis & Review Using OFM  Joe Sinner, Legacy Reserves Operating LP

Simulations Showing the Predicted Oil Recovery With Water, CO2 Surfactant, Polymer Floods  Wei Long, CESI Chemical

Streamline Simulation  Rod Batacky, StreamSim

Reservoir Modeling and Simulation at EORI  Shaochang Wo, EORI

IOR/EOR Conference 2012:

EORI, David Mohrbacher, EORI

Simple Models, Larry Lake, UT-Austin

Connectivity Analysis, Richard Baker-Baker Hughes

Secondary and Tertiary Recovery From Shales, Kerry Sandhu-Gaffney Kline Assoc.

Alternative Gas Injection Methods, Kevin Watts, Linde

Keynote, Larry Lake, UT-Austin

Gel Ploymer as Water Control Tool in the Tensleep, a Few Case Studies, Randy Prater, Polymer Services

Polymer Profile Modification and Case Studies From the Phosphoria, Deepanker Biswas and Jay Portwood-Sitelark and Eclipse Oil and Gas

Enzyme/MEOR Applications in Well Stimulation, Paraffin Control and Waterflooding, John Gray, Larry Skow and Phil Launt-Tiger Oilfield Solutions

Horizontal Drilling in Mature Fields, Jimmy Goolsby-Goolsby, Finlay and Associates

Relevance of Intelligent Wells to EOR Operations, Younes Jalali, Schlumberger

Development of a Microrheology Test System for EOR applications, Patrick Johnson-University of Wyoming

ASP Blend Formulation for a Minnelusa Reservoir, Madhi Kazempour-TIORCO

Low-Salinity Waterflooding: Fundamentals, Norm Morrow, University of Wyoming

Low-Salinity Waterflooding: Case Studies, Charlie Carlisle, SWTT

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