Insect Gallery Room

An Insect Gallery Room was developed in Agriculture Room 4018 during 1993. The purpose of the room is to provide an expanded educational display area for the Insect Museum, in response to continually increasing visitor numbers. The Gallery Room allows greater flexibility in scheduling visitor groups, and makes it easier to handle large groups. The Gallery Room includes a variety of exotic and native insect displays, educational exhibits, live insect zoo, insect artifacts, insect hand stamps, insect models, kid's book corner, and a mural and display explaining the importance of insects in forest ecosystems (student artists are continuing to work on this). Included in the insect zoo are Madagascar hissing cockroachs, tropical millipedes, water striders, crickets, grasshoppers, tarantula, darkling beetles, and other seasonal displays. This effort was made possible through a generous gift of display cases and specimens from Dr. Maurice Howard of Pueblo, Colorado. This room provides ongoing educational opportunities for students in Insect Biology, Biodiversity, and Insect Classification. Additionally, it contributes to the community by providing educational opportunities for young children.

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