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2018 Projects

Faculty Projects

Archaeolim: Prehistorics People, Climates, & Environments of the Northern Adriatic

James C.M. Ahern

How do humans respond biologically and culturally to major climatic and ecological changes?

“Seeds of Possibility" - A Children's Book

Ashley Hope Carlisle

The goal of my project is to gather visual information from the world seed collection at the Kew Royal Botanic Gardens in London and Sussex so that I may use this information to create a children’s book on global human dispersal.

Breeding Biology of the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill in Northern Uganda

Anna Chalfoun

Specific research objectives:

  1. Initiate a research and monitoring program in coordination with park and KWCP personnel focused on the abundance, breeding biology, and reproductive success of Abyssinian Ground-Hornbills in Kidepo Valley National Park, Uganda.
  2. Address critical gaps in basic life and natural history information for Abyssinian Ground-Hornbills that will assist in conservation assessments.

Women’s Suffrage in Australia: A Visual Investigation

Colleen Denney

What is the relationship between Australian women activists and that of its mother country in terms of suffrage visual tactics and propaganda? What is the relationship between Australian visual propaganda and that of the other pioneering sites: New Zealand and Wyoming? How was the campaign in South Australia both indebted to and different from those in New Zealand and Wyoming? What is the visual rhetoric of the Australian movement and how does it resound in the later Edwardian movement where women did not receive the vote until 1918 (for certain propertied women over 30) and 1928 (for all women)?

Exploring Multifunctional Rural Landscapes in Australia: Noosa Biosphere Hinterlands, Darling Downs, and New England Tableland

Jeff Hamerlinck

The objective of this research is to develop a better understanding of rural activities in the Noosa Hinterlands Biosphere and to provide existing and potential landowners with a prospectus of a range of land-based opportunities with related revenue for their property. This will include a wide variety of activities ranging from primary production, carbon credits, through to food tourism and accommodation. Work at the Darling Downs and New England Tablelands sites will involve validating a multi-functional activity scheme developed as a result of mapping for the Noosa Hinterland analysis.

Prince Peter: Greece, Modernity, & the Development of Anthropology

Michael Harkin

We are exploring the development of a national school of anthropology in Greece, on the periphery of Europe, and Prince Peter, who held a Ph.D. in anthropology from the London School of Economics, who believed that anthropology was as I have termed it a “technology of liberal democracy.”

Quaternary History & Education Opportunities of the Selenga River Delta in Russia

Brandon McElroy

What is the Quaternary history of the delta and its stratigraphy, and how are they related to quaternary changes in the Selenga River basin?

The Human Right to Water in a Time of Scarcity

Noah Novogrodsky, Jason Robison, and Bryan Shuman

What insights and lessons for transboundary water law and policy can be gleaned from the Silala River case (Chile v. Bolivia) currently before the International Court of Justice?

Conquering the Sacred East: The Orthodox, Latin, & Muslim Histories of Haiga Sophia, Pangaea Atheniotissa, and the Holy Sepulcher

Naomi Ruth Pitamber

The project I propose is entitled “Conquering the Sacred East: The Orthodox, Latin, and Muslim Histories of Hagia Sophia, Panagia Atheniotissa, and the Holy Sepulchre,” a book-length project on three eminent architectural monuments in the eastern Mediterranean. The research question for this book project centers on the persistence of sacred space epitomized in the multi-cultural histories of three monuments from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries. Each of the three
monuments was taken over and converted for religious use by Orthodox Christians, Latin Christians, and Muslims.

Molecular Characterization of Brucella isolates from Cattle in Uganda

Brant Schumaker

What are the circulating strains of brucellosis in domestic ruminants in Uganda? What is the field accuracy of novel brucellosis diagnostic tests in Uganda?

Student Projects

Particle Kinematics in Statistically Uniform Dune Fields

Thomas Ashley

What controls the stable scales of dune topography? How can preserved sand dunes be used to learn about earth’s history?

Diet as a model for Neandertal group complexity: Evidence from the Croatian site of Krapina

Jessica Droke

Do Neandertals show similar group dietary patterns to modern humans? What can we infer about Neandertal group structure and complexity from intra-group dietary trends?

Historical Bioarchaeology at the Colonial Cemetery from Magdalena de Cao Viejo, Chicama Valley, Peru

Alexander Garcia-Putnam

How did indigenous health and demography change with the onset of Spanish Colonial rule in Peru? And were some individuals better buffered from these hardships than others, and if so, why?

Drivers of Freshwater Fish Biodiversity in Lake Tanganyika, Africa's Inland Sea

Jimena Golcher-Benavides

How is diversity of living organisms on earth generated and maintained?

Graduate Assistant, MA Political Science

Lucus Hansen

How is the European Union using strategic communication to advance and protect their goals, objectives, and strategies for integration?

API Internship Abroad

Larissa Hipp

Interning in Dublin at the web company, The purpose of this internship is to have an opportunity to work on both creative and professional writing while learning about journalism, the publishing process, copyright laws, and how to professionally use social media.

Graduate Assistant, MA International Studies student

Chipiliro Ray Kalonde

To what extent did the participation of Rwandan women in the Gacaca traditional courts empower them socially, economically and politically?

Indigenous Language and Cultural Revitalization on Easter Island

Phineas Arthur Kelly

What are the implications of reconnecting First Peoples’ ontologies, languages, stories and sacred objects to physical places where they were once sovereign but have been erased?

Graduate Assistant – INST

Sana Kika

“How immigrants of Iraqi Christian identity negotiate becoming Americans”

Graduate Student

Nikola Lazic

How and why is Edmonton becoming a sanctuary city while Calgary is not?

Graduate Student in Rangeland and Watershed Management as well as Environment and Natural Resources

Anne Nicole Reed

The effects of human expansion on human-elephant conflicts in India. Looking into mitigation efforts for crop protection in southern India against elephant raids.

Diversity, Disturbance and Restoration of Forests in Terai and Siwalik of Central Nepal

Ramesh Prasad Sapkota

  1. What is the present condition of natural Buffer Zone Community Forests with respect to forest community structure, composition, distribution, and species diversity examined as a function of distance from the boundary lines of the villages?
  2. Changes in tree basal area due to management interventions from edges to forest interior.
  3. Effectiveness of passive restoration for restoring the degraded lowland forests in Nepal.

How Community Sport Programs are Decreasing Identity Cleavages in Northern Ireland

Emily Schimelpfenig

How are community sport programs successfully decreasing identity cleavages in Northern Ireland?

Marketing Ph.D. Candidate

Cristian Andres Sepulveda

Does cultural background affect the level of trust in marketing communications, particularly in regards to fair trade?

Implementing a Novel Molecular Assay in Uganda for Brucellosis Control

Meagan Soehn

This research will be looking into improving brucellosis control strategies within Uganda. This includes improving surveillance of this disease at a heard level, as well as a preliminary study to identify and characterize the circulating strains of brucellosis in cattle.

Investigating Social Difference during the Initial Cajamarca Period

Sarah Stagg

What was the extent of community level social hierarchy at the beginning of the Cajamarca as it is seen at the site of Callacpuma?

US Department of State Student Internship

Emily Wood

A greater understanding of the requirements of Foreign Service Officer positions in an Embassy.

Eight Essays on Chinese-American Immigration and Identity

Jenny Tinghui Zhang

What exactly is that relationship? How does this duality affect their relationship with themselves and their understanding of their culture identity? In what ways is it detrimental, dangerous even? What kind of role does food play now and moving forward in Chinese-American immigrants’ lives?

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