taylor bessel vector calc


a (borrowed) statement of basic philosophy

"Language and mathematics are the mother tongues of our rational selves"—that is, of the human race—and no student should be permitted to be speechless in either tongue, whatever value he sets upon his special gifts, and however sure he may be at eighteen or sixteen that he knows the uses to which his mind will eventually be put. This would be like amputating his left hand because he did not seem to be ambidextrous. The languages of art and science are of twin importance. It is crippling to be illiterate in either, and the natural curriculum does not choose between them. They are the two ways in which the student will have to express himself; they are the two ways in which the truth gets known.

Mark Van Doren, Liberal Education, New York: H. Holt and Co., 1943. Print.

testimonials (a few favorites)

  • Overall this was a great course. The in-lecture jokes were amazing. If people complain about this course, they're only doing it because they didn't work hard enough. (Math 450, Winter 2004)
  • He made calculus enjoyable-to the extent that is possible. (Math 115, Fall 2002)
  • He was very friendly, humorous, and he taught and knew the material exceptionally well. I stayed awake often despite it being an early class. (Math 115, Fall 2002)