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University of Wyoming

Insects in the Garden

The following list of common insects in Wyoming gardens or yards is based on citizen's identification requests to the University of Wyoming's Extension Entomology faculty.

Beneficial Garden Insects: These insects won't harm you; in fact, they might be your best friend in pest defense.
Yellow Face Bee:
Ladybird Beetle Larva:
Assassin Bug:
Spider Wasp:
Minor Garden Insect Pests: These insects are not a major problem in low numbers. Make note of their numbers. If their numbers begin to suddenly increase, try modifying your landscaping strategies before using chemical treatments.
False Chinch Bug:
Black Vine Weevil:
Bumble Flower Beetle:
Sap Beetle:
Buprestid Beetle:
Longhorn Beetle:
Major Garden Insect Pests: These insects are potentially major economic pests in gardens and yards. Monitor their numbers and your plant health. An increase in occurrence merits management for a healthy garden or yard. Before using chemical treatments, try some basic IPM strategies first. Discover where they come from, how to physically modify the environment, how to change your landscaping strategies, and, finally, limit chemical treatments to the area of concern. In major outbreaks, effective pest management may require community or neighborhood cooperation.
Blister Beetle:
White Satin Moth:
Black Grass Bug:
Poplar Leaf Aphid:
Cottony Maple Scale:
Frit Fly:
Two-striped Grasshopper