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University of Wyoming

Ticks in the Home

Ticks are parasites of vertebrates, or animals with backbones, like us, dogs, deer, and birds. Ticks have 2 body regions: an unsegmented abdomen and a cephalothorax. Their body is oval and minute, and they have 8 legs but no antennae.

In Wyoming, people primarily send two types of ticks to our diagnostics lab for identification. Being parasitic, both types, listed below, are unwanted, but specific species of ticks are of greater health concern to humans than other species. Fortunately, you've brought them into your house from outside and physical removal will take care of future tick occurrences inside the home. Make sure to check your outside pets, too. Of the two ticks listed below, only one transmits disease to humans. Follow the links for additional information on ticks and the diseases certain species transmit to humans through their bite.

Minor Health Concern:
Winter Tick:
Major Health Concern:
Rocky Mountain Wood Tick: