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Student Computing Survey Results - 2015

Total Responses: 1066
Which of the following technology products do you have?
8% Basic cell phone (only calls and texting)
93% Laptop computer (32% are Macs, 61% are PCs)
88% Smartphone; iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, or similar mobile device
27% Desktop computer (4% are Macs, 23% PCs)
53% Tablet computer
13% Telephone landline
10% have Linux installed on PC or workstation 6% for Research 7% for General Use
How do you routinely access or connect to the Internet?
51% UW computing labs
52% Cable modem (such as Charter)
74% Campus wireless network, including Spanish Walk apartments
18% DSL with other ISP (such as CenturyLink)
16% RESNET (network connections in UW residence halls and River Village apts)
25% Other wireless network (such as Verizon Wireless)
18% Campus data network (UW offices)
How many different devices did you use to connect to the Internet from campus this year?
91% 0-3
8% 4-6
<1% 7 or more
Preferred Web browser:
9% Internet Explorer
17% Firefox
59% Chrome
14% Safari
<1% other
Which of the following email accounts do you currently have?
85% UWyo account (primary account - 51%)
68% Gmail (primary account - 27%)
29% Hotmail (primary account - 7%)
15% Other provider (primary account - 3%)
How do you check your UWyo email?
54% Outlook client on your desktop, laptop or PDA
54% Outlook Web Access (Web browser)
51% WyoWeb portal
12% Other email software
11% Forwarded to another (such as Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail)
<1% I don't use my UWyo email
Which best describes how frequently you check email? (select one)
48% Daily
50% Hourly
2% Weekly
Which are the most effective ways for Information Technology to communicate with you? (check all that apply)
98% Email
44% Cell phone text messages
17% Phone messages/voice mail
5% Facebook social networking site for UW IT
2% IT Twitter page
3% IT Hot Page on the Web (
<1% Other IT Web pages
1% IT Blog
How much time do you spend per day on social media websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter?
44% 0-1 hours
39% 1-2 hours
17% More than 2 hours
Are you signed up for UW Alert?
96% Yes
Which of the following Internet applications do you use or would you expect to use on the campus network in the next 12 months?
80% Streaming music or video, such as YouTube
71% FaceBook, MySpace, or another social networking site
36% Skype
31% Instant messaging
24% Online chat
34% Peer-to-peer file sharing
18% Video conferencing
14% Internet-based gaming from off-campus
8% Internet-based gaming from campus
9% Internet phone (VoIP, other than Skype)
Please rate your satisfaction with each of the following UW services on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 = very dissatisfied and 5 = very satisfied.
4.35 UWyo email account
4.32 UW Student Computing Labs
4.30 Free WyoWare student software
4.20 WyoWeb Portal
4.17 IT walk-in service center
4.12 Laptop rentals
4.11 WyoCourses
4.08 AARC (Mount Moran High Performance Computing)
4.05 IT Help Desk
4.05 SPAM Filtering
4.00 Computer Lab Assistants
3.96 Antivirus Software
3.97 UW Remote Labs
3.97 IT’s help Page (
3.90 Remote support
3.86 PC Sales
3.84 UW Microlab website
3.84 IT Hot Pages
3.78 UW internet access
3.76 Resident halls wired network
3.28 Campus wireless network
3.08 Resident halls wireless network
The IT service that students are most satisfied (4.35) with: UWyo Email.
The IT service that students are least satisfied (3.08) with: ResNet wireless network.
Please rate your satisfaction with UW’s computing support and technology services using a 5 point scale where 1 = very dissatisfied and 5 = very satisfied.
4.09 Overall satisfaction
4.11 Technology needs are met
4.03 Responsiveness to problems
4.03 Communications with users
3.97 Availability of new technology
3.91 Clear explanations of technical issues
Overall satisfaction with IT services is 4.09 on scale of 1 to 5.
Students were most satisfied that their technology needs are met by UW/IT (4.11).
Students were least satisfied with clarity of UW/IT explanations of technical issues (3.91).
We are interested in knowing what new or improved computing services you would like. Please rate the following services where 1 = least desired and 5 = most desired.
4.16 More wireless locations for laptop use on campus
4.11 More Internet bandwidth
3.50 Increased remote access to computer software
3.41 More computers in labs
3.32 High speed internet access to campus apartment
3.28 More wired locations for laptops
3.28 IT repair services for computers, peripherals and accessories
3.18 Extended laptop and mobile device checkout
3.04 More Mac and Linux/Unix support
2.98 Expanded Service Center hours for assistance with personal computers and mobile devices
2.92 Expanded Help Desk services (hours or remote support)
2.62 Other Services
Students most desire more wireless locations and least desire expansion of the IT Help Desk.

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