Farhad Jafari 
Professor  and Head
Department of Mathematics 
University of Wyoming 

P.O. Box 3036, 1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071-3036 

(307) 766-2383  
(307) 766-6838 (fax) 

E-mail: fjafari@uwyo.edu 



  • Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.A., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ph.D., Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • M.S., Medical Physics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • B.S., Physics and Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison


DABR, Diagnostic Radiological Physics, American Board of Radiology


  • Head, Mathematics Department, University of Wyoming, 2009-present
  • Adjunct Professor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Wyoming, 2009-present
  • New Directions Professor, IMA, University of Minnesota, 2006-2007
  • Professor, University of Wyoming, 1999-present
  • Associate Professor (1994-1999), Assistant Professor (1991-1994), University of Wyoming
  • Consultant (1991-2002), Western Radiological Physics, Inc., Laramie, WY
  • Assistant Professor (1989-1991), Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate (1983-1984), University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Research Scientist (1979), Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

Selected Awards

  • CoPI: "Coordinated Hyperspectral Imaging Non-Satellite Networks for Space Situational Awareness," (with J. E. McInroy, et. al., ECE Dept.), AFOSR, 7/07-7/10.
  • PI: "Decomposition of images by smoothness" (with Susan Frost, Math Dept), NASA Wyoming Space Grant, 6/03-5/04
  • CoPI: “High Precision, High Frequency, Fault Tolerant Manipulation of Multiple Payloads Aboard a Moving Bus” (with John McInroy, ECE Dept), MDA, 6/02-6/05
  • CoPI: “Automatic fringe detection in interferometric images” (with Jonathan Naughton, ME Dept), NASA-Ames, 6/00-6/02
  • Co-PI: “Forming New Linkages Between UW, JPL and MSFC Hexapod Vibration Isolation Programs” (with John McInroy and John Pierre, ECE Dept), NASA Grant, 9/00-8/01
  • 2002 and 1997, "Top 10 Faculty", Nominated by the graduating class, University of Wyoming
  • 2001 and 1993, Extraordinary Merit in Teaching, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Wyoming
  • 1996, Ellbogen Teaching Award for Meritorious Classroom Teaching, University of Wyoming
  • 1996, "Wyoming Professor of the Year", Carnegie Foundation for Advancement of Science and Education (CASE)
  • 1996 and 1997, Excellence in Advising, University of Wyoming
  • 1994, 1996, 1997, "Top Prof", Mortar Board
  • 1993, 2008 Extraordinary Merit for Research, College of Arts and Sciences, University of Wyoming

Research Interests

  • General: Functional Analysis, Operator theory, Harmonic Analysis
  • Specific: Image Analysis from Partial data, Control theory and Optimal Control, Inverse problems in Robotics, Semigroups, Nonlinear PDE

Theses and Supervision

  • Dissertation: Composition Operators in Polydiscs (under Professor Walter Rudin)
  • Dissertation: Characterization of Ultrasonic Scattering from lung surfaces (under Profs. J. Zagzebski and E. Madsen)
  • Doctoral Students: Damian Betebenner (on the invariant subspace problem), Richard Raposa (on cyclicity), Bryan Bornholdt (on isometries), Sumeet Aphale (on optimal fault tolerant geometries, with J. McInroy), Zhijing Guo (on designing Gough-Stewart platforms with specified dynamics, with J. McInroy),  Saikat Mukherjee (on invariants of signal spaces), S. Aryal (partial moment problem, in progress).
  • Masters Students: Paul Johnson (on Dirichlet spaces), Gregg Waterman (on the Daniell Integral), Henning Blohm (on random vector fields), Heather Neu (on wavelets, with Lynne Ipina), Lina Avramidou (on norms of composition operators on Hardy spaces), Douglas Blackburn (on optimal portfolios), Susan Frost (on decomposition of images by smoothness), Anna Parmely (on the generators of unitary groups), Andrew Westmeyer (on nonlinear semigroups), Debra Swedberg (on continued fractions).


Teaching (Fall 2011)

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