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Professor Duff's Media Appearances

Quoted in Bruce Rolfsen, “What’s in a Number? For OSHA Vaccination Mandate, It’s Crucial,” BLOOMBERG LAW, September 23, 2021

Quoted in Ellen Fike, “UW Law Professor: Biden Vaccine Mandate Is Likely Constitutional,” COWBOY STATE DAILY, September 17, 2021

Quoted in Braden Campbell, “Court Showdowns Await Labor Board GC’s Legal Agenda,” LAW 360 EMPLOYMENT AUTHORITY, September 15, 2021

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Quoted in Josh Eidelson, “Google Settles with Employee Who Said He Was Fired Over Activism,” Bloomberg News, September 8, 2021

Quoted in Mark Powell, “App-Based Companies Say They'll Appeal Calif. Ruling That Prop. 22 Is Unconstitutional,” WORKCOMPCENTRAL, August 24, 2021

Quoted in Clarissa A. León, “An Immigrant Struggles for Justice From His Union,” PAYDAY REPORT, July 28, 2021

Quoted in Mark Powell, “Vaccine Side Effects Could Be Compensable, but Outcomes Hinge on Employers’ Policies,” WORKCOMPCENTRAL, July 28, 2021

Quoted in Braden Campbell, “Teamsters Pick Tough Fight with Amazon Union Plan,” Law 360 Employment Authority, June 25, 2021

Quote in Mark Powell, “Experts Ponder Whether SCOTUS Ruling on NCAA Could Lead to Comp Benefits,” WorkCompCentral, June 24, 2021

Quoted in Robert Iafolla & Joyce E. Cutler, “Cannabis Industry Peace Laws Spread, Fertilizing Union Growth,” BLOOMBERG LAW NEWS, May 13, 2021

Quoted in Braden Campbell, “New NLRB Regime's Enforcement Boost Hinges On Budget,” Law 360 Employment Authority, April 30, 2021

Quoted in Mark Powell, “SCOTUS Won't Review Decision Allowing State to Set Air Ambulance Rates, WORKCOMPCENTRAL, April 28, 2021

Quoted in Judge David Langham, “Giggin’ Again,” WORKERSCOMPENSATION.COM, April 26, 2021

Quoted in Tom Hals, “Virginia law denies benefit to some healthcare workers who refuse COVID-19 vaccine,” Reuters, April 1, 2021

Quoted in Braden Campbell, “Results Still a Ways Off As Amazon Union Vote Wraps,” LAW360 EMPLOYMENT AUTHORITY, March 26, 2021

Quoted in Mark Powell, “Ruling Shows Pot Comp Question Still State-Specific; Payers Wary of Federal Statutes,” WORKCOMPCENTRAL, March 4, 2021

Quoted in Mike Elk, “Amazon Offers $2,000 ‘Resignation Bonuses’ to Bust Union Drive in Alabama,” PAYDAY REPORT, February 21, 2021

Quoted in Emily Brill, “High Court Ruling May Be A Boon For Benefits Access,” Law360, February 19, 2021

Quoted in Bruce Rolfsen, “Amazon Covid-19 Lawsuit Spotlights State Regulatory Power,” Bloomberg Law, February 18, 2021

Quoted in Mark Powell, “Lack of New Business, Premium Returns Could Weigh Down Carriers in 2021,” WORKCOMPCENTRAL, February 10, 2021

Quoted in Robert Iafolla, “Workers’ Compensation Can Soothe Some Covid Vaccine Fears,” Bloomberg Law, February 4, 2021

Quoted in and shown in news video, Tom Hals, “At the urging of nursing homes, a law is amended and COVID court claims are slowed,” REUTERS, January 28, 2021 Video

Quoted in William Rabb, “New OSHA COVID Guidance Could Help Limit Spread, Affect Some Claims Defense,” WORKCOMPCENTRAL, January 26, 2021

Quoted in Mark Powell, “As Grocer Plans to Replace Drivers, Observers Question Sufficiency of Prop. 22 Benefits,” WORKCOMPCENTRAL, January 13, 2021

Quoted in Braden Campbell, “New Google Union Tests Novel ‘Minority’ Organizing Approach,” Law 360, January 5, 2021

Quoted in Mark Powell, “State Supreme Court Says Undocumented Workers Can Get Comp Benefits,” WorkCompCentral, January 5, 2021

Quoted in Andrew Perez, Julia Rock, and David Sirota, “A New Senate Proposal Would Shield Corporations From All COVID Lawsuits,” Jacobin, December 15, 2020 (requoted in Jake Johnson, “Bipartisan Relief Package Includes Plan to Retroactively Immunize Corporations From Coronavirus Lawsuits,” COMMON DREAMS, December 15, 2020 and “US Covid-19 relief package set to Immunize corporations from pandemic lawsuits, alarms worker advocates,” RT, December 15, 2020)

Quoted in Virginia Jeffries, “Coronavirus (Covid-19) and vaccines: What if my employer requires me to get it?,” CLEAR HEALTH COSTS, December 11, 2020

Quoted in Mark Powell, “WCIRB Study Links Treatment Delays to Higher Claim Costs,” WORKCOMPCENTRAL, November 18, 2020

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Quoted in David Dayen, “Lab Rats to Shore Up Hospital Revenue Streams,” THE AMERICAN PROSPECT, May 22, 2020

Quoted in Jim Sams, “More States Push COVID-19 Claims to Work Comp; Potential Cost Anyone’s Guess,” CLAIMS JOURNAL, May 19, 2020

Quoted in Robert Iafolla, “Workers’ Comp Systems Poised for Deluge of Covid-19 Claims,” BLOOMBERG LAW, May 8, 2020

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Quoted in Jaclyn Diaz, “Gigging With Benefits Proposed as Answer to Existential Threat,” Bloomberg Law, March 9, 2020

Quoted in Robert Iafolla, “More Than Half of NLRB Regional Offices Have Top-Level Vacancies,” Bloomberg Law, March 4, 2020

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Quoted in Robert Iafolla, “More Labor Law Charges Possible Under NLRB Union Election Rule,” Bloomberg Law/Daily Labor Report, January 3, 2020

Interviewed by Lee McDonald, “Workers' Comp, Not Courts, Should Handle Workplace PTSD Claims,” A.M. Best TV, Austin, TX, December 12, 2019 A.M. Best TV

Quoted in Fatima Hussein, “‘Culture of Fear’ Grips UPS; Workers Say Injuries Underreported,” Bloomberg Law/Daily Labor Report, December 4, 2019

Quoted in William Rabb, “From Body Armor to Opioid Disposal Bags, BWC Taking Comp Spending in New Directions, WorkCompCentral, October 21, 2019

Profiled in Member Spotlight, National Academy of Social Insurance, October 2019 National Academy of Social Insurance

Quoted in Heather Richards, Lesley Clark and Kelsey Brugger, “3 Takeaways From Murray Bankruptcy,” E&E News, October 30, 2019

Quoted in Stephen Caruso, “Trump’s Labor Board Won’t Stop Pitt Grad Students’ Union Push,” Pennsylvania capital-star, October 2, 2019

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Quoted in Robert Iafolla, “New NLRB Standard Ups Ante for Union, Employer Negotiating,” Bloomberg Law/Bureau of National Affairs, September 12, 2019

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Quoted in Camille Erickson, “Uninsured Blackjewel Coal Miners Left to Turn to Open Health Care Market,” CASPER STAR TRIBUNE, September 4, 2019

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Quoted in Robert Iafolla, “Workplace Rules Seldom Pass Labor Board’s Legal Test,” Bloomberg Law/Bureau of National Affairs, August 7, 2019

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Interviewed (and broadcast on air) Melodie Edwards, Lawmakers Propose Bill to Deal with Air Ambulance Costs, Wyoming Public Radio, January 4, 2019

Quoted in Kate Halloran, “Fifth Circuit Upholds DOL’s Subcontractor OSHA Protection,” American Association for Justice, Trial (December 2018)

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Quoted in Bryce Covert, “The Nurses Who Lost Their Jobs Thanks to Trump’s New Labor Secretary Nominee,” ThinkProgress, February 23, 2017 (Note: I argued in support of the nominee)

Quoted in Nat Levy, “Postmates ordered to pay 2+ years of workers’ comp premiums for more than 3,000 couriers,” GeekWire, December 13, 2016 Geekwire

Featured in Emily Brill, “Workers’ Comp Professor Has One Foot in Theoretical, Practical,” WorkCompCentral, November 22, 2016

Quoted in Sherri Okamoto, “Unlevel Playing Field?” in Word on Workers’ Compensation 2016, WorkCompCentral, November 10, 2016

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Quoted in Geoff Williams, “Workers’ Compensation, Employers Complication,”, December 14, 2012

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