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I am Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Wyoming, where I have been since receiving my PhD in 2003 from the University of Colorado, Boulder under George Bealer. My current research interests concern the metaphysics of epistemology, the diachronic/modal dimensions of knowledge, knowledge-how, intuition, the relationship between linguistic and philosophical analysis, and semantic compositionality. I am also interested in the philosophical dimensions of hunting/fishing, gardening and various other activities concerning the interaction of people with the natural world.

What I'm up to:

Conferences & Talks

March 27th 30th: APA Pacific Meeting: San Francisco, CA

June 3rd 7th  2013: Bled Epistemology Conference: Evidence, Reliability and Group Epistemology

Selected Publications (on-line copies and works-in-progress here):

“Non-propositional Intellectualism” (w/ John Bengson)
In Bengson & Moffett (Eds.), Know How: Essays on Knowledge, Mind and Action, forthcoming 2011. OUP.

"Against A Posteriori Functionalism"
Canadian Journal of Philosophy, 40 (2010): 83

"The folk on knowing-how" (w/ John Bengson & Jen Wright)
Philosophical Studies, 142 (2009): 387

"Reasonable disagreement and rational group inquiry”
Episteme: A Journal of Social Epistemology
, 4 (2007): 352-367.

"Know How and Concept Possession" (w/ John Bengson)
Philosophical Studies, 136 (2007): 31

"Constructing Attitudes"
Protosociology (Compositionality, Concepts and Representations I: New Problems in Cognitive Science), 21 (2005): 105

“Knowing facts and believing propositions: A solution to the Problem of Doxastic Shift"
Philosophical Studies, 115 (2003): 8197.

“A note on the relationship between Mates' Puzzle and Frege's Puzzle”
Journal of Semantics,
19 (2002): 159166.

Teaching Schedule

Spring 2013

·         Introduction to Metaphysics

·         Philosophy of Language


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