Math 2850--Putnam Team Seminar

Meets:    M 2:10-4pm,   RH 247.
Instructors:    Jason Williford (Ross 314, 766-2209)   and   Eric Moorhouse (Ross 216, 766-4394).

<B>What's New?</B>

Remember that the Putnam Exam will be held this Saturday, December 1.  You need to be here at 8:15am and we will keep you until 4:30pm.
After that, you will have officially finished the course.

On Monday, December 3 at our usual time and place (2:10-4:00pm, Ross Hall 247) we will have an optional class to discuss the problems
from this year's exam.  I expect we will be able to solve about 2 or 3 of the problems during that time.


Practice Problems and Solutions

Practice Problems

Date Distributed


Sheet 1 August 27  
Sheet 2 September 10  
Sheet 3 September 17  
Sheet 4 September 23  
Sheet 5 October 1 Solutions to Putnam problem 1 from today's sheet, discussed in class
Sheet 6 October 8  
Sheet 7 October 15  
Sheet 8 October 22  
no new sheet October 29 Today we solved selected problems from last week's sheet
Sheet 9 November 5  
Sheet 10 November 12  
Sheet 11 November 19 Solutions to selected problems discussed in class
Sheet 12 November 26 Solutions to selected problems discussed in class

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