MATH 4600---Foundations of Geometry

Meets:    MWF 1:10–2pm,   EN 2070.
Instructor:    Eric Moorhouse,   Ross 216,   766-4394.

<B>What's New?</B>

Please read Chapter 5 of the textbook.
The final exam will be comprehensive, i.e. it will cover all material we have studied
this semester, including Chapters 1, 2 and 5 of the textbook.  Also please bring a
compass and straightedge to the exam as we agreed to have a construction problem on
the exam.  It is not necessary to bring a blue exam booklet, as all answers
will be placed on the printed exam copy.  For further details regarding the final exam,
please refer to the syllabus (copies of which are available through the link below).


/ revised November, 2006