Tahmasebi Research Group G4 [Geo-Systems, Geo-Materials, Geo-Informatics, Geo-Fluids]

Our research interests are in the general area of geosystems. This is a broad area that includes geophysics, and geomechanics, as well as flow processes, all in close association with computer simulation, computational methods, and multiphysics experimental modeling.


In my research group, advanced theories, computational techniques, machine learning methods, and physics-based models are used and combined with experimental modeling to elucidate the complexity in geosystems at small- and large-scale, with the application to climate, water, and environmental problems.


Addressing most of the current complex problems requires integration of various types of data, which on its own is another daunting problem. Thus, developing more complex, but also more realistic  models, requires novel physical concepts and modeling of uncertainty. It also requires new datasets, collected over disparate length scales, as well as new computational tools for integrating all such ingredients.



Pejman Tahmasebi



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