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Petroleum Engineering

Soheil Saraji

Soheil Saraji

Associate Professor in Petroleum Engineering
University of Wyoming
College of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Department of Petroleum Engineering
Dept. 3295
1000 E. University Avenue
Laramie, WY 82071
Phone: 307.766.6557
Research website:



  • Ph.D., Petroleum Engineering, University of Wyoming, 2013  
  • M.S., Petroleum Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, 2007
  • B.S., Petroleum Engineering, 2004

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming, 08/2016 - present 
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Wyoming, 01/2014 - 08/2016
  • Research Assistant, University of Wyoming, 07/2008 - 12/2013
  • Research Scientist, Petroleum University of Technology, 03/2007 - 07/2008

Research Interests

See Dr. Saraji's research group website.

  • Flow of Complex and Non-Newtonian Fluids through Porous Media
  • Interfacial Effects in Multiphase Flow through Porous Media
  • Improved Hydrocarbon Recovery from Shale and Tight Formations
  • Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Geo-sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

Journal Publications

  1.  B.F. Garcia, S. Saraji, “A new insight into the dependence of relaxation time on frequency in viscoelastic surfactant solutions: From experimental to modeling study”, 2018Journal of Colloids and Interface Science, 517, 265-277.
  2. E. Barsotti, S. Saraji, S. Tan, M. Piri, “Capillary Condensation of Binary and Ternary Mixtures of n-Pentane-Isopentane-CO2 in a Nanoporous Medium: An Experimental Study on the Effects of Chemical Composition and Equilibrium”, 2018Langmuir34 (5),1967–1980.
  3. W. Kuang, S. Saraji, M. Piri, “A systematic experimental investigation on the effects of aqueous nanofluids on interfacial properties and their implications for enhanced oil recovery”, 2018Fuel, 220, 849-870.
  4.  V. Mirchi, S. Saraji, M. Akbarabadi, L. Goual, M. Piri, “A Systematic Study on the Impact of Surfactant Chain Length on Dynamic Interfacial Properties: Implications on Oil Recovery”, 2017, Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, 56 (46), 13677-13695.
  5. M. Akbarabadi, S. Saraji, M. Piri, D. Georgi, M. Delshad, “Nano-scale Experimental Investigation of In-situ Wettability and Spontaneous Imbibition in Ultra-Tight Reservoir Rocks”, Advances in Water Resources2017, 107, 160–179.
  6. E. Barsotti, S. Tan, S. Saraji, M. Piri, J-H Chen, “A Review on Capillary Condensation in Nanoporous Media: Implications for Hydrocarbon Recovery from Tight Reservoirs”, Fuel2016, 184, 344-361.
  7. S. Saraji, M. Piri, “The Representative Sample Size in Shale Oil Rocks and Nano-Scale Characterization of Transport Properties”, International Journal Coal Geology2015, 146, 42-54.
  8.  V. Mirchi, S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Dynamic Interfacial Tension and Wettability of Shale in the Presence of Surfactants at Reservoir Conditions”, Fuel2015, 148, 127-138.
  9. S. Saraji, M. Piri, L. Goual, “The Effects of SO2 Contamination, Brine Salinity, Pressure, and Temperature on Dynamic Contact Angles and Interfacial Tension of Supercritical CO2/Brine/Quartz Systems”, International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control2014, 28, 147-155.
  10.  L. Goual, M. Sedghi, F. Mostowfi, R. McFarlane, A. Pomerantz, S. Saraji, O. C. Mullins, “Cluster of Asphaltene Nanoaggregates by DC-Conductivity and Centrifugation”, Energy & Fuels2014, 28 (8), 5002-5013.
  11.  S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, H. Plancher, “Wettability of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide/Water/Quartz Systems: Simultaneous Measurement of Contact Angle and Interfacial Tension at Reservoir Conditions”, Langmuir2013, 298, 6856-6866.
  12.  S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Dynamic Adsorption of Asphaltenes on Quartz and Calcite Packs in the Presence of Brine Films”, Colloids and Surfaces A2013, 434, 260-267.
  13.  Y. H. Shokrlua, R. Kharrat, M. H. Ghazanfari, S. Saraji, “Modified Screening Criteria for Potential Asphaltene Precipitation in Oil Reservoirs”, Journal of Petroleum Science & Technology2011, 29, 13, 1407-1418.
  14.  S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Adsorption of Asphaltenes in Porous Media under Flow Conditions”, Energy & Fuels2010, 24, 6009-6017.
  15.  S. Razzaghi, R. Kharrat, D. Rashtchian, S. Vossoughi, S. Saraji, “Investigation of Auto Ignition Conditions under Different Parameters”, Iranian Journal of Chemistry & Chemical Engineering2008, 27, 2, 93-101.

Conference Proceedings/Presentations/Posters

  1. M. Akbarabadi, S. Saraji, M. Piri, “Spontaneous Imbibition of Fracturing Fluid and Oil in Mudrock”, URTeC Conference, San Antonio, Texas, July 2015.
  2. S. Saraji, M. Akbarabadi, M. Piri, “Pore-scale Investigation of Wettability and Spontaneous Imbibition in Shale”, EMI Conference, Stanford, California, June 2015.
  3. S. Saraji, M. Piri, “High-Resolution Three-Dimensional Characterization of Pore Networks in Shale Reservoir Rocks”, URTeC Conference, Denver, Colorado, August 2014.
  4. V. Mirchi, S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Experimental Investigation of Surfactant Flooding in Shale Oil Reservoirs: Dynamic Interfacial Tension, Adsorption, and Wettability”, URTeC Conference, Denver, Colorado, August 2014.
  5. S. Saraji, M. Piri, “Wettability Study in Shale Rocks at Macro and Micro Scales”, Gordon Research Conference: Flow and Transport in Permeable Media, Lewiston, Maine, July 2014.
  6. V. Mirchi, S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Dynamic Interfacial Tensions and Contact Angles of Surfactant-in-Brine/Oil/Shale Systems: Implications to Enhanced Oil Recovery in Shale Oil Reservoirs”, SPE Improved Oil Recovery Symposium, Tulsa, Oklahoma, April 2014.
  7. S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Wettability Alteration of Quartz with Supercritical CO2”, ACS National Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, April 2013.
  8. S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Wettability in CO2/Brine/Quartz Systems: An Experimental Study at Reservoir Conditions”, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, San Antonio, Texas, October 2012.
  9. S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Interfacial Tension and Dynamic Contact Angle for sc-CO2/Water/ Mineral System Relevant to Geological Storage of Carbon Dioxide”, InterPore Conference, West Lafayette, Indiana, May 2012.
  10. S. Saraji, L. Goual, M. Piri, “Adsorption of Asphaltenes in Porous Media: Experimentation and Modeling”, Petrophase XI, New York, June 2010.
  11. S. Saraji, R. Kharrat, S. Razzaghi, V. Taghikhani, “Kinetic Study of Crude Oil Combustion in the Presence of Carbonate Rocks”, SPE Middle East Oil Show, Bahrain, March 2007.
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Petroleum Engineering

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