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Department of Philosophy

Kernels of Wisdom - Major in Philosophy

Why major in philosophy? Perhaps because those trained in philosophy are likely to possess a better combination of verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing skills than those trained in any other major? (Jason Stanley, Rutgers University, June 8, 2008)

  •, January 12, 2010; Philosophy is Back in Business
    Quote from article: "By taking these steps and embracing a more philosophical approach to problem-solving, we will establish our character as the 21st century's defining competitive differentiator."
  • The Times, August 15, 1998; Think On
    Quote from article: "Philosophy is, in commercial jargon, the ultimate 'transferable work skill.'"

  •, January 4, 2011; Philosophy Valued At One Community College
    Quote from article: "Philosophy is a discipline that gives us the tools to really understand ourselves, and the skills to answer the mysteries that are really at the heart of ourselves and at the heart of life."

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