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Department of Philosophy
Department Head:
Susanna Goodin
Office Associate:
Clayleen Rivord
Ross Hall, Room 122
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Student Learning Outcomes

Below are the Undergraduate and Graduate Learning Outcomes.

Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

To help understand the Department of Philosophy’s learning outcomes for our two named undergraduate programs (the Philosophy Major and the Philosophy Minor),  here is a brief list of some of the characteristics of our undergraduate programs and Philosophy students: 

  1. The major and minor have no required core classes.
  2. The major and minor have no specifically required entry and exist courses.
  3. For the major, the capstone experience consists of three graduate seminars of the student’s choice rather than a single capstone designated course; for the minor, the capstone experience consists of two graduate seminars of the student’s choice rather than a single capstone-designated course.
  4. Students often don’t declare the major/minor until their Sophomore or Junior years.  The major and minor requirements are designed to accommodate late entry into these programs, with light coursework requirements and prerequisites in the first two years of study, and then intensive coursework with substantial prerequisites in the last two years.
  5. The major/minor do not require a linear/sequential curriculum approach.  For example, students need not take Ancient Greek Philosophy before taking Early Modern Philosophy before taking Twentieth Century Philosophy.
  6. The major/minor provide students with a high degree of choice.  Students can choose whether to pursue a degree that emphasizes breadth or depth, historical or contemporary, and areas of study.
  7. Since the minor parallels the major, learning outcomes are the same for both.
  8. The department has a modest number of majors (approximately 40 total), and a small number of minors (approximately 5), so quantitative approaches to assessment lack statistical credibility.

Learning Outcomes for both the Philosophy Major and Philosophy Minor:

  1. The student will be able to understand abstract philosophy texts.
  2. The student will be able to critically analyze abstract philosophy texts.
  3. The student will be able to produce philosophy papers demonstrating deep understanding and critical analysis.

Graduate Learning Outcomes

The Philosophy Department expects their graduate students to have learned certain skills, abilities, and content through the completion of their program. These are:

  1. Develop competence in formal skills, e.g., symbolic logic 
  2. Gain advanced familiarity with multiple core areas of philosophy, including metaphysics and epistemology, ethics and value theory, history of philosophy, and logic/language/science. 
  3. Ability to engage philosophical discussions at an advanced level, both in terms of comprehension and contribution. 
  4. Evidence of developing ability to write professional level papers on philosophical topics. 
  5. Evidence of a developing capacity for philosophical instruction.

 Last updated: 20 November 2007

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