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(Personal Report of Communication Apprehension, James C. McCroskey, 1970)

We all experience a little anxiety now and then when communicating in certain contexts: perhaps when expressing our opinion in a small group, asking or answering questions in a large class, confronting someone one-on-one or delivering a speech.  A little anxiety can be a good thing. It means you care.  But, for some of us, the anxiety level is high enough to interfere with our goals.  Being as confident and competent as possible in these communication situations is vital to our success—academically, personally and in our future careers.


The PRCA is a very valid (.93) self-report instrument designed to measure your reported anxiety in a variety of communication situations. In other words, how nervous are you?  Results from this report will help you understand the various situations and focus your attention.  Unless all four of your sub-scores are the same, it will indicate when you feel more and less comfortable.  There are several ways you can improve your level of confidence and competence, once you know where to start.

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