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Policies|Campus Recreation

Note: Download the complete PDF version of the Policy & Procedure Handbook here. This version is printable.

I. Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality recreational opportunities to a diverse campus community that enhance the learning and workplace environment and promote mental and physical health through quality facilities, equipment and programs. Our programs, which include open recreation, intramural sports, club sports and the outdoor program, offer a broad range of coordinated activities for individuals and groups that promote health awareness, a sense of community and a lifelong appreciation for wellness and recreational activities. Supporting the value of student development, our programs strive to offer opportunities to students that develop leadership skills and promote responsibility while maintaining a balance between personal, professional and academic pursuits.

II. Membership

Membership is required to use UW's recreational facilities. Membership privileges include use of all activity areas in Half Acre and use of the Corbett pool and gym during scheduled hours. Individuals must present a valid WyoOne ID card to purchase membership and to enter Campus Recreation facilities.

Membership Eligibility


  • Full-time students taking 12 or more credits on-campus as undergraduates or 9 credit hours as graduate students pay for access via their mandatory fees.
  • Part-time students have 2 options:

              1.  Pay for the full-time student benefits package at Accounts Receivable

              2.  Pay for PT student access at Half Acre or online

  • Online and/or Outreach students must pay for access to Campus Recreation.
  • Full time (12 or more credit hours) Online and/or Outreach students taking at least 1 credit hour of an on-campus course are already charged the full-time student benefit package (and therefore have access to Campus Recreation facilities).
  • Full-time LCCC students taking at least 1 credit hour on the UW campus are considered part-time students (the consortium agreement between UW and LCCC only applies to financial aid). These LCCC students are eligible to purchase access to Half Acre. 
  • LCCC students (not taking classes on campus at UW) and WyoTech students are not eligible to purchase access to Campus Recreation.
  • Summer students who are taking online or outreach classes only (nothing on the main UW campus) are eligible to purchase Campus Recreation access.
  • Summer students who are taking a class on campus and an outreach or online class have paid for summer access to Campus Recreation.

Faculty/Staff/Dependents and Spouses

  • University of Wyoming employees and cooperating agency employees may purchase a membership by presenting their WyoOne ID card or online. Employee spouses are eligible to purchase access with a current WyoOne ID card.
  • Students and employees may register dependents five years and older through high school graduation for a membership by presenting their WyoOne Card and the dependent's WyoOne Card. See the UW family recreation information for details pertaining to dependent access.
  • University of Wyoming Board retired employees may obtain membership by presenting their WyoOne Card. There is no charge for board retired employees, but lockers have additional fees. Board retired spouses are eligible to purchase membership with a current WyoOne Card.

Guests (non-UW affiliated and alumni)

  • Guests with a photo I.D. may use Half Acre for $6 per day when sponsored by a UW community member with a valid WyoOne ID card. UW students, faculty, staff, and cooperating agency employees and spouses may sponsor themselves for a daily guest pass.

III. Campus Recreation Services

Towel Service

Towel service is available at Half Acre Gym during building hours and Corbett gym during scheduled gym and pool hours at no cost.

Equipment Checkout

Available recreation equipment may be checked out with a WyoOne ID card or other active campus recreation pass. Users are responsible for all equipment and must reimburse UW for any lost or damaged equipment.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items, if returned to the Half Acre Service Window, are kept for one month. Campus Recreation is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • Personal locks are for daily use only on designated lockers. Personal locks left on lockers overnight will be cut off.

  • Lockers are assigned in Half Acre on a first come, first served basis during building hours.

  • Lockers are not transferable from one person to another.

  • Locks checked out for daily use from the equipment room that are not returned will result in a $10.00 replacement fee assessed to the user.

  • Locks checked out for daily use from the equipment room that are not returned with a key will result in a $2 key replacement fee assessed to the user. 
  • The locker/lock is the responsibility of the individual to whom it is checked out, or in the case of dependents, the parent's responsibility. Users are financially responsible for locks if lost or stolen. Locks issued by campus recreation that are not on the locker at the end of the rental term will result in a $10.00 replacement fee assessed to the user.

  • After rental expiration student lockers are cleared (toiletries and chemicals are discarded) and personal items will be kept in storage according to the following schedule:
    • Lockers cleared in May: contents held until the following September
    • Lockers cleared in August: contents held until the following October
    • Lockers cleared in December: contents held until the following March

  • After rental expiration employee lockers are cleared (toiletries and chemicals are discarded) and personal items will be kept in storage according to the following schedule:
    • Semester locker rentals expire the last day of the month at the end of the semester.  Personal items are cleared the second week of the following month.
    • Annual locker rentals expire one year from date of purchase.  Personal items are cleared the second week of the following month.

  • Campus Recreation or the University of Wyoming is not responsible for theft in these facilities. It is recommended that you do not leave valuables such as jewelry, wallets, iPods, credit cards, etc. in lockers. Don't forget to lock your locker.

IV. Campus Recreation Policies & Procedures

General Facility Policies

  • Accidents and injuries can and do occur during sport, recreation and exercise activities. Notice is hereby given that the University of Wyoming is not responsible for accidents, injuries, and/or illness that may occur while on and/or during the use of university property; nor is the university responsible for any costs or expenses incurred as a result of any accident and/or injury that may occur on university property. Users understand and agree that their use of university facilities and/or services is at their own risk.

  • Campus recreation facilities are controlled access facilities. No one will be permitted into activity areas without a valid WyoOne ID card or other active campus recreation pass.

  • Use of another individual's WyoOne ID card is a violation of the UW Student Code of Conduct (reference Section V, Offenses against Property).  If a WyoOne card is presented at the ID station by someone other than the cardholder, the card will be confiscated and the following will occur:

  • First offense: the cardholder will be given a notice of warning in writing via e-mail that a violation of the Student Code of Conduct has occurred.  The cardholder will need to set up a meeting with the Coordinator of Open Recreation to discuss this violation.  Access to Campus Recreation facilities and services will be restricted until this meeting occurs. 
  • Second offense: the cardholder will be contacted via e-mail regarding the repeat violation, the WyoOne card will be destroyed, and a meeting with the Coordinator of Open Recreation and/or Director of Campus Recreation must be scheduled.  Access to Campus Recreation facilities and services will be restricted until this meeting occurs.  The individual will be responsible for replacing their ID card at cost through the WyoOne ID office.
  • Third offense: the cardholder will lose all access and privileges associated with Campus Recreation membership.
  • Acceptable rules of conduct must be observed at all times. Campus Recreation employees reserve the right to remove any patron(s) who are participating in behavior deemed reckless or unsafe in our facilities.

  • Users of the facilities are subject to the immediate removal from the facility for interfering with employee duties or engaging in disorderly conduct, including the use of foul language, verbal abuse, and threatened or actual physical abuse of an employee(s) and/or other user(s). If the user is asked to leave, they must meet with the Director of Campus Recreation before their access will be reinstated.

  • Clothing and shoes appropriate to the activity are required for health and safety reasons. Street clothes or shoes are not permitted in any activity area; cut-offs are not permitted in the pool. Clothing should not be abrasive or contain fasteners or other mechanisms that might cut, scrape, bruise, etc. oneself or others.

  • During a scheduled event, spectators view activities in the main gym from the inside lane of the running track on the 3rd floor or on the far north and south ends of the gym.

  • Cheerleading stunting is not allowed in any area of Half Acre Gym or Corbett Gym.

  • Hanging upside down from exercise machines, bars, etc (including the use of inversion boots) is not allowed in Campus Recreation facilities.

  • Food is allowed only in the main lobby. Water or sports drinks in closed containers are permitted in activity areas.

  • Pets are not permitted in university buildings or on city playing fields, unless utilized as a guide or assistant for people with disabilities.

  • Soliciting or selling products in Half Acre Gym is not permitted except by Campus Recreation.

  • No hitting, punching, sparring or wrestling are allowed in Campus Recreation facilities.

  • The use of hand wraps is required while using the boxing equipment.  Shoes and appropriate clothing are required at all times. 
  • The use of combative weapons is prohibited in Campus Recreation facilities.

Alcohol, Drug, and Tobacco Policy

  • No alcohol, drugs or tobacco products are allowed in university buildings or at intramural/city fields.

  • The campus recreation staff reserves the right to eject participants or spectators suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol from the area of activity.

Infield Policies

  • Coats, street clothing, backpacks and/or equipment bags should be placed in a locker or available cubbies.

    • Bags being utilized while working out are allowed on the floor if kept clear of walkways and other patrons.
  • Appropriate dress is required for personal safety and equipment maintenance reasons. Appropriate dress includes:

    • Closed toed, rubber soled athletic shoes

    • Clothes free of buttons, rivets, or metal zippers

    • Workout apparel is highly recommended
    • T-shirt or tank top that covers torso is required; jog bra can be worn only on cardio equipment.

  • Limit workouts on cardiovascular equipment to 30 minutes when others are waiting.

  • Equipment should be returned to the appropriate location after use.

  • Collars or clips are to be utilized with all free weight bars.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited on all equipment.
  • Barbell overhead lifting is only permitted in the power rack or while seated.

  • Olympic style lifting or snatches are not permitted.

  • Patrons should refrain from dropping or banging weights.

  • Hanging upside down from any equipment is not permitted.
  • Standing or jumping on exercise balls is prohibited.
  • Please report any maintenance or repair needs to the infield attendant or the front desk staff in the main lobby.

Indoor Climbing Wall Rules and Guidelines

  • Bouldering may occur anytime the infield is open, with exceptions for scheduled classes, route setting, rentals, and roped climbing hours.

  • Roped climbing activities may only occur under the supervision of a climbing wall monitor or instructor during the roped climbing hours or classes, and; climbers using ropes must successfully complete the "introductory climbing wall clinic" or a "climbing wall skills check" prior to using the climbing wall, as well as complete a waiver annually.

  • No part of the boulderers' body may exceed the painted line.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times, unless sitting down.

  • Boulderers must not interfere with or cross over/under other climbers.

  • Position bouldering pads directly below routes.

  • Boulderers must down climb if uncomfortable falling from height achieved.

  • Boulderers are encouraged to climb with the support of a spotter.

  • Jewelry and other objects that may interfere with climbing must be removed prior to climbing. Items including, but is not limited to, scarves, rings, bracelets, watches, necklaces, keys, or knives.

  • Please report any maintenance or repair needs to the infield attendant or the service window assistant in the main lobby.

Indoor Track Etiquette

  • Practice common courtesy to other runners and walkers using the indoor track.

  • For safety purposes, run or walk only in the direction the arrow indicates. Running and walking direction will change every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at closing.

  • Running or walking side by side is permitted only when the track is not busy.

  • The innermost lane is for walking only, the second innermost lane is for walking or running and the outer two lanes are for running only.

Pool Etiquette

  • Practice common courtesy to other swimmers using the pool.

  • All lane swim patterns are counter clockwise.

  • Swim to the outside of the lane to allow for passing in the middle.

  • To pass, tap the foot of the swimmer in front of you, then proceed.

  • If a swimmer is directly behind you when nearing the wall, pause and allow them to pass.

Pool Policies (Corbett and Half Acre)

  • Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers.

  • Please walk on deck and in the showers. The tile may be slippery when wet.

  • Shower in the locker rooms before entering the pool.

  • Play safely. Dunking, shoving and other horseplay may cause accidents and are not permitted.

  • Diving in the shallow end is dangerous and prohibited.

  • An adult must be in the water within touching distance of non-swimming children or those using flotation devices.

  • Anyone under 4 feet tall must be accompanied in the water by an adult or be determined a competent swimmer by a lifeguard.

  • Anyone entering the deep end may be asked to swim 1 length of the pool without touching the side or bottom to prove swimming ability.

  • Lane lines are dividers and should only be used as floatation devices in an emergency.

Diving Policies (Corbett Only)

  • Diving is allowed on the outer 1-meter board and the 3-meter only. Use of the platform is not allowed.

  • Only one person on the diving board at a time.

  • Diving area is hazardous for swimmers. Swim to the side of the pool immediately after diving.

  • Jump off the board only after the person before reaches the wall. Swimming under the board is hazardous.

  • Only one bounce on the board.

  • Jump straight off the diving board.

  • Catching children jumping off the board is prohibited.

  • Handstands and sailor dives (head first, hands at side) are dangerous and prohibited.

  • Diving in which the head rotates back towards the board (such as inwards and gainers or reverses) are strictly prohibited.

  • Children using diving boards must be able to swim the length of the pool without assistance.

  • Children wearing floatation devices are not allowed to jump off the diving boards.

  • Diving blocks are not available for use during recreational swim times.

  • Use of the showers under the diving boards is restricted.

Guest Pass Policy

  • Campus Recreation staff and student employees are not eligible to sponsor non-university individuals for daily or multi-guest passes while on duty.

  • UW students, UW employees, UW appointed employees, Cooperating Agency Employees and spouses sponsoring individuals for a daily or multi-guest pass should be aware as a sponsoring individual they are responsible for guest's actions/behaviors while in recreation facilities. Responsibilities include litigation as a result of accident or injury incurred in recreational facilities and/or loss of facility privileges in the event of behavior problems violation of established facility policy.

  • Guest passes must be purchased for each visitor accessing the recreation facilities. Daily guest passes may be purchased at the service window at Half Acre or Corbett. The multi-guest card is purchased at the Half Acre Service Window. Guests must:

    • Be with sponsor when purchasing a guest pass.

    • The sponsor must present his/her WyoOne ID.

    • The guest must show a picture ID with age.

  • Guests under 19 years of age who have not graduated from high school will be admitted only during designated family recreation times with a sponsor.

  • Guest pass holders are not eligible to sponsor guests.

  • Valid WyoOne ID card holders without facility access may sponsor themselves and others for daily guest passes.

  • Valid WyoOne ID card holders may sponsor an unlimited number of adult guests, but are limited to four (4) guest passes for children 19 years or younger (who have not graduated from high school) per adult per visit.

  • Guest pass holders using Half Acre or Corbett may check out equipment with approved ID. They must present the daily guest pass receipt or multi-guest pass card to check out equipment.

  • UW community members have the option to use a multi-pass guest card with passes instead of purchasing access on their WyoOne ID card.


  • All spectators must stay on the south end of the gym, or watch from the running track.

  • Children under the age of 18 will be allowed to watch an intramural event in the main gym under the following conditions:

    • An adult who is not participating in the event must stay with the child.

    • Children under the age of 5 must stay in the gym only; they are not allowed on the track.

  • In the pool area, spectators must stay on bleacher seating while watching pool events

Main Gym Policies:

  • If a group of at least 8 women wishes to play basketball, the north court will be made available to them.

  • If men are currently playing a game, they will be allowed to finish their game to a maximum score of 11 before the women have priority.

  • Women will have priority on the court until they drop below the minimum number of players (8).

  • If a group of at least 10 volleyball players or 8 soccer players wishes to play, and there are not enough basketball players to occupy three courts, the north court will be made available to them.

  • Once volleyball or soccer gains the court, they will have 1 hour to play. At that time, if there are enough basketball players to occupy all three courts, basketball will be allowed to regain priority on the court. If no one is waiting, volleyball or soccer will be allowed to continue.

  • Badminton has priority on all three basketball courts on Fridays from 6 -10 pm during the academic year and Fridays from 5-8 pm during the summer and other breaks. If a badminton game occupies a basketball court, the court will be closed to other activities.

  • All main gym court challenge policies are subject to change under the discretion of the facility supervisor or full-time staff.

Photo Policies

  • Prior approval by Campus Recreation full-time staff must be granted for any type of photography to be conducted in Campus Recreation facilities.

  • The following will be needed for approval:

    • Models willing to pose for the photo shoot.

    • A suitable location for the photo shoot.

    • An appropriate time for the photo shoot.

Poster Policy:

Campus Recreation will accept one UW sponsored/on campus event or recognized student organization poster to hang in the facility. Only one poster per designated surface is permitted and may not obstruct other posted materials. All posters must be approved and signed off by a Campus Recreation staff member. Campus Recreation reserves the right to refuse posters if deemed necessary.

Survey Policies

No survey other than those conducted by Campus Recreation programs will be permitted in Campus Recreation facilities.

V. UW Family & Dependent Recreation

Dependents who are accompanied by a parent or adult sponsor are eligible to access recreational facilities during family recreation hours.

General guidelines for dependents at Corbett and Half Acre

  • Dependents 5 years through 19 years of age ( who have not graduated from high school) are required to have a WyoOne card. This card can be obtained at the WyoOne ID Office located in room 28, in the basement of Knight Hall, for a fee.

  • Children five years of age or older must use the appropriate locker room.

  • Children less than four feet tall must be accompanied in the water by an adult and be within touching distance or be determined a competent swimmer by a lifeguard.

  • Any child who is not toilet trained is required to wear a swim diaper or plastic pants with elastic around the legs in both pools.

  • Children 5 to 12 years of age must be directly supervised in activity areas and locker rooms at all times with a ratio of one adult sponsor for every four children.

  • Dependents cannot sponsor individuals wishing to purchase a daily or multi-guest pass guest card.

  • Dependents who are registered for UW classes or who are non-benefited UW employees may utilize recreation facilities during the semester in which they are enrolled or employed. They must pay the appropriate fees.

Half Acre Dependent Guidelines

  • An adult sponsor must be accessible in the facility to supervise and advise on medical treatment.

  • Children under 5 years of age are only allowed in the main gym area with direct supervision.

  • Children under 5 years of age are not permitted on the running track or in the infield area.

  • Children 13 years through high school may recreate without direct supervision if the adult sponsor is present in the building, except in the infield area where they must be directly supervised at all times.

Campus Recreation Dependent Hours

  • Dependents are allowed in Half Acre Gym with adult supervision:

    • Fridays after 3:00 pm
    • Saturdays & Sundays during regular building hours
    • During University breaks and during summer session
  • Corbett Pool is open to dependents with adult supervision during all regularly scheduled pool hours.

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