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Orr Hall

Orr Hall is an eight-story building that underwent renovation in 2005–06. Included in the renovation were upgrades to the Internet, television, telephone systems, and fire safety systems; improved lighting in the public spaces and the student rooms; and expanded electrical access in each room. All rooms are carpeted, and most floors have an enclosed community lobby. Orr Hall has two elevators and is connected to Washakie Center via a tunnel.

Orr Hall Standard Floorplan

Orr Hall Floorplan

Corner Single Room Dimensions

Orr Hall Corner Single Floorplan

To assist you we have included dimensions of various furniture and features.

Most dimensions are approximate inside dimensions (e.g. inside drawers, wardrobe, etc)

  • Two Clothing Wardrobes
    • Hanging Clothes area 38”W X 23”D X 52”H
    • Shelf 38”W X 16”D X 22”H
    • Four lower drawers, each 16”W X 18”D X 5”H
  • Two Beds-nonadjustable bed frames 80”L X 36”W
    • Two mattresses (extra long twin) 80”L X 39”W X 8”D
    • Distance from bottom of bed to bed frame to floor is 10”
  • Vanity
    • Mirror 22”W X 39”H
    • Storage under vanity 48”W X21”D
  • Two Windows 29”W X 56”H
  • Built in shared desk 98”W X 29”D X 24”H 
  • Two drawers 16”W X 18”D X 2”H
  • Two drawers 16”W X 18”D X 4”H/li>
  • Two drawers 16”W X 18”D X 10”H
  • Two side desk tables 26”W X 16”D X 24”H
  • Two desk chairs
  • Bulletin board 98”W X 59”H
  • Room door 92”H X 29” W
  • Four Electrical outlets
  • One cable TV outlet
  • Two ResNet ports (Ethernet ports for Internet)
  • Floor to ceiling height is 8 feet
  • All windows have mini blinds
  • One trash can

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