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IACURH 2011 at UW
Welcome to Laramie, Wyoming

Welcome to IACURH 2011!

Prepare to forever be a leader!

The University of Wyoming is proud to host IACURH 2011 ~Forever West, Forever Leadership~ The conference dates are November 10-13, 2011. The conference staff is excited to host IACURH and cannot wait to see all of you in about 3 months. This welcome page is designed to get all of you wonderful hopeful delegates excited and informed about Laramie, the University and Wyoming in general.


A map of Laramie with radials to nearly cities

Laramie, Wyoming was founded in the 1860s as a tent town along the Union Pacific railroad and served as a stopping point after the trains traveled over the Laramie Mountains. In 1890 Wyoming was officially organized as a state, becoming the 44th state in the Union. But before this time, in 19869, the territorial governor signed a bill to allow women to vote, the first state or territory to do this. In September of 1870 the first woman casted a legal vote in Laramie. Because of this equal treatment Wyoming is known as the Equality State.

Downtown Laramie via the 1800s looking over the railroad   Downtown Laramie via 2000 looking at the railroad tracks







In 1886 Governor Francis E. Warren signed a bill establishing the University of Wyoming, the first University of the Wyoming territory. The first building to be constructed at UW was the University Building and housed all students, faculty, classes, meals and the gym and opened its doors in 1887.

Wyoming University aka Old Main via 1886, the first year the school was open    Old Main, home of the Presidents Office and other offices via 2000







Today the University of Wyoming is still the only four-year university in the state of Wyoming, houses seven different colleges and offers 89 different majors, 77 masters and 29 doctoral degrees. As of the 2010-2011 academic year, there are 12,996 Cowboys and Cowgirls who call UW home. About 1,800 of those students live on campus in 6 different Residence Halls.

The new UW Business Building entrance in the snow via November 2010

UW Student Union Building in the snow via November 2010

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