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University of Wyoming

Recent Developments in Dynamic Equations on Time Scales


Date: June 8-19, 2009

Location: University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming.



For applications/abstracts of talks: April 1, 2009. Register online.


       Institute for Mathematics and its Applications

Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium,

University of Wyoming, College of Arts and Sciences

University of Wyoming, Department of Mathematics


We will be concerned with a so-called dynamic equation on a time scale (a time scale is just a closed subset of the real numbers). If the time scale is the set of real numbers, then the dynamic equation is a differential equation, while if the time scale is the integers, then the dynamic equation is a difference equation. Hence our study will be a unification and generalization of these two areas of mathematics. No previous knowledge of time scales will be assumed, but we will particularly be interested in new developments and applications of this area of research. Anyone interested in either differential equations or difference equations will be interested in this 2009 Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium Conference. 

        Main Speakers

Chris Ahrendt, University of Nebraska

Elvan Akin-Bohner, Missouri S&T,

Heidi Berger, Simpson College

John Davis, Baylor University

Raegan Higgins, Texas Tech University,

Gro Hovhannisyan, Kent State University

Bonita Lawrence, Marshall University,

Suman Sanyal, Clarkson University

Nick Wintz, Missouri S&T



Other speakers:

Douglas Anderson, Concordia College

Seshadev Padhi, Birla Institute of Technology, India

Stephen Preston, University of Colorado

 Karl Ulrich, Missouri S&T,

Fei Xue, University of Hartford


Topics of the Summer School include

  • Time scales calculus with applications to quantum calculus.

  • Applications of time scales to biology.
  • Applications of times scales to economics.
  • Applications of the true logistic equation.
  • Applications of transform methods.
  • Inequalities on time scales.
  • Goals of the summer school

    • Provide a comprehensive background of dynamic equations on time scales so that one could teach a class in this subject.

    • Provide an environment where graduate student and faculty participants can have discuss problems and propose open problems.

    • Provide an encouraging environment to foster professional connections and collaborations.

    • Enhance public awareness of the important role dynamic equations on time scales has in solving real life problems.



    For More Information

    A. Duane Porter, Department of Mathematics, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming 82071. For information about Laramie,