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Perhaps your student has chosen an academic major already, or maybe he or she is coming to the University of Wyoming undecided. We know that at some point in their college career, many students question and/or change their academic major. This is part of your student's development and can be a healthy thing. Your role is crucial, and we want to partner with you in this process for your student's success!

Several factors influence a student's choice of major and eventual career interests. These can include academic abilities, exposure to different occupations, their emerging interests and in some cases future earning potential. Also, the current state of the economy and job market may increase your concerns about the eventual return on your investment in your child's continued education. Here are some ideas to consider with your student, encourage him or her to:

  • Think beyond the paycheck to what kind of interests, values, and lifestyle qualities are important;
  • Don't just prepare for a job prepare for change and life long learning; and
  • Consider alternative paths to the same goal or occupation; often there is more than one major which will lead to a particular occupation

At various times in the college journey, students may feel "stuck" in their major or career options; this is normal. A declining GPA may be due to inadequate study habits, but it may also be related to declining interest in classes, major, and/or inability to connect current coursework to future goals. This may reflect lack of self-awareness, occupational information, or confidence in decision-making skills. Many resources exist for uncovering occupation information, and often talking to a career professional at CACS can help to increase self-awareness, affirm progress, brainstorm additional options, and overcome decision-making hurdles.

First Year

  • Explore or confirm academic major
  • Research and learn what to do with various majors by meeting with a Career Counselor at CACS; your student can use tools on the CACS website to engage in these processes. A few they may want to explore are the Type Focus, Choices Planner, and What Can You Do with Your Degree links found on the CACS website
  • Get involved in co-curricular activities to explore interests

Second Year

  • Conduct "information interviews" with professionals in the field to learn about occupations
  • Look into internship and practical experience opportunities. Given the current job market, many employers are hiring their full-time staff only from their student intern pool. Encourage your student to attend the UW internship/Summer Job Fair in the spring semester.

Third Year

  • Visit with an Internship Specialist at CACS and apply for internships
  • Start preparing for the job search by writing a resume and exploring job opportunities
  • Attend UW Career Days and Job Fairs in the fall and spring semesters

Fourth Year

  • Consider enrolling in a career preparation class
  • Get your resume reviewed and practice interviewing with a Career Specialist at CACS
  • Attend UW Career Days and Job Fairs in the fall and spring semesters
  • Register with CACS eRecruiting and post your resume

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