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http://www.uwyo.edu/sward/index_files/image006.jpgARTICLES AND ESSAYS




This is listing of articles, essays and other writings is by no means complete: Often the selection of a piece for inclusion here is highly arbitrary or related to discussions in the classroom or elsewhere.  I list the videos and powerpoints I have published for classroom use in a different list.

Israeli Elections 2013: http://uwyo.edu/sward/articles/israeli-elections.htm

Article about Jerusalem and Israel in the Qur’an  http://uwyo.edu/sward/articles/ward-quranonisrael-boullatavol.htm (published as S. Ward, “Qur’an, Chosen People and Holy Land” in Khaleel Mohammed & Andrew Rippin, edd., Coming to terms with the Qur’an, North Haledon NJ: Islamic Publications International, 2008, 63-74.)


This is a revision of a study written in 2001 that was never published, which I have now posted as a blogpost:

View Post

On Using Qur’an Translations (esp. recent editions of Abdullah Yusuf Ali) http://uwyo.edu/sward/onusingqurantranslations.htm

What is Religion? What is Islam? http://uwyo.edu/sward/articles/What is Religion.htm 

Implementing Islamic Law (Law School Lecture) Text of Lecture: http://uwyo.edu/sward/WARD-Implementing Islamic Law Lecture.pdf
and see links: http://www.uwyo.edu/sward/powerpoints/movies-audio-podcasts.htm#implementing

Holocaust in North Africa and Middle East (International Journal of Sephardic Studies): http://uwyo.edu/sward/articles/north_africa.pdf


2013: Summer Study Themes, based on the Decalogue: http://www.uwyo.edu/sward/articles/summerthemes.2013.htm


On Kulanu Yehudim and Demokratiyah from Kazablan and the “Jewish and Democratic State” http://www.uwyo.edu/sward/kazablan.htm


Why you should not forward anonymous pass-along e-mails. Or: The Problem with the “In Memorial” e-mail forward




On Passover

An order for the Passover Eve Service

On the Seder Plate

Happy Passover from Seth Ward: Moses, Links and Youtubes (2012)



Posterous Blog Index of Postings

Some comments:


I have been using http://sethward.Posterous.com to organize not only blog-style posts but some of my articles, essays and other writings.  Apparently this blog does not display the exact date of posting automatically, and the date of posting is often months or years after the date the piece was written. The reference at the bottom of each piece says how long ago it was posted.


March 2013: Unfortunately, Posterous is shutting down and I am copying the postings as individual files on http://uwyo.edu/sward -- and trying out some other blogging platforms.  


May 2013: I am attempting a global update to http://drsethward.Wordpress.com  – I am not sure that the global update works in all cases!


This index was compiled Jan. 3 2012.

Authorship: All the postings are my own work; I retain copyright and in some cases they are posted elsewhere and/or published. Readers may link to these postings.

Index: there are indices in the website, and some pieces have multiple tags. In the following list, each post is usually not reproduced in multiple categories. The listings below are not necessarily in chronological, alphabetical or any other order.  

My postings of Words and Programs for Jewish Music may be found at http://words-and-programs.posterous.com  


Qur’an And Islam

What Does The Qur’ān Say About The Chosen People And Holy Land?  



Responses To An Imam's Questions About Anti-Semitism And The Supposedly Anti-Islamic West.



Tariq Ramadan And Other Views On Democratization In Islam.



An Informal Review Of Sadakat Kadri. Heaven On Earth: A Journey Through Shari’a Law.



On Using Qur’an Translations



Mubarak Resigns



The Reinventing Of Islam Submitted By Daniel Kayes Thomson



An Introduction To The Qur'an (Powerpoint)



Music and Colorado Hebrew Chorale


See, The Conquering Hero Comes And The Hebrew Hanukkah Tradition

See, The Conquering Hero Comes and the Hebrew Hanukkah Tradition: http://uwyo.edu/sward/articles/Conquering.htm  


At The Funeral Of Marvin Hamlisch



Vays Nitl



Words For Colorado Hebrew Chorale Concert "A Fine Romance: Jewish Songwriters, American Songs"

Essential Music Of The Holocaust. Thoughts About Ani Maamin

Program And Words-Essential Music Of The Holocaust: History And Hope, University Of Wyoming, Nov.4.2012.Docx

Uw--Holocaust 2012 Poster.Jpg Nov. 4 2012, 2 Pm., Wyoming Union,Yellowstone Room

Holocaust Remembrance Week At University Of Wyoming: Colorado Hebrew Chorale - Nov 4 At 2:00 P.M.


Israel And Middle East

Israeli Elections


Vote for your choice in the Israeli Elections!


Holocaust in North Africa and the Sephardic World


Haredim and the Israeli Army, Hamas, and non-Member Observer State

The News From Israel Today (Cross Border Escalation--Gaza And Golan)

A Response To A Question About August 22, 2006

University Of Wyoming Scholar Offers Humanities Forum Programs On Middle East, Food, In Powell Wy October 29-30

The Two State Result Is Not The Same As The Two State Solution

16 Wounded: Moderating Talkback After The Performance, October 10,2012

Talkback Discussion On The Play _16 Wounded_ In Jackson Wy

On "Child Brides" Posting (From Gaza)

Prothero's Take On Purim





Religion And The Us Elections: The Jewish And Muslim Vote. (And A Brief Note On The Mormon Vote).

On Prothero's Belief Blog Regarding Blind Certainty, Islamist And American Christian Anti-Muslim Rhetoric

"Green" Mosques And Synagogues


Bible And Other Jewish Studies

Talk About Nittel Nacht at East Denver Orthodox Synagogue, Denver, Dec. 24 2012.


Thoughts On The Parasha: Noah As A Tzaddik

Very Brief Review Of The Philosophy Of Hebrew Scripture, By Yoram Hazony.

Thoughts On Political Philosophy Based On A Review Of Yoram Hazony’s The Philosophy Of Hebrew Scripture.

Review Of Gene A. Plunka, Holocaust Drama: The Theater Of Atrocity

Hebrew Calendar For 5773 (2012-2013) In Russian



Crypto Jews

Jewish Identity and Crypto-Judaism: The emergence of a community


Jewish Identity and Crypto-Judaism: The emergence of a community (different version of same lecture)


Report of Society for Crypto Judaic Studies 22nd Annual Meeting

Sephardim And Crypto-Judaism: Definition Of Terms And Brief History

“I Am A Jew:” An Oral History Profile Of Michael Atlas-Acuña

On The History Of The Term "Sepharad"

An Article From 1998: Converso Descendants In The American Southwest: A Report On Research, Resources, And The Changing Search For Identity

Profiles Of Converso Descendants In The Southwest U.S.: Manito, Marrano, Sephardic And Jewish Identities Among The Crypto-Jews Of Contemporary New Mexico And Southern Colorado.

Attrition Among Anusim Descendants


Papers From The Past

Papers, Publications And Essays From Archive.Org

More Papers And Essays From The Internet Archive Wayback Machine




Occasionally I use this directory for articles to which I direct students. Not all of them are linked here.


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