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1. General

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to do a research paper.

This is a general introduction, based on a popular guide used in college writing courses, with some of my own ideas.


Some comments on references, academic integrity etc.

Dr. Ward’s links to Citing your Sources

Dr. Quincy Newell’s page on Citing your Sources.

Dr. Ward’s general Quality Expectations

            Dr. Ward’s Understanding Sources used in Writing Academic Papers


Religious Studies Goals with comments

Religious Studies Goals and Objectives


2. Research Preparation Exercise

            a. Research Preparation Exercise

            b. Simple Steps for Research Preparation Exercise

c. Bibliography exercise:

d. Research Progress Report (an expansion of the Research Preparation Exercise):


3. Exercises:

        Primary Sources: 5 C’s exercise. 

        Primary Sources: 51 Questions about Documents

        Secondary Sources: K.I.S.S. 

        Very Short Research Project (VSRP)

        Research Goals and tools, “Research Checklist

        Classroom Discussion Exercise: “Five Points”.

          Term Project Submission and Class Symposium: Submission and Symposium


4. Peer Review: Worksheet and Questionnaire Rubric


            Paper Peer Review Sheet

Ten Questions you might want to ask as you are writing your paper.

Paper posting, oral presentation and comments: Paper presentation

            Peer review of papers after submitted to the course: Peer Assessment exercise.


5. Getting Started: a Project Form


6. Symposium Expectations – click here.


7. Field Experience: Suggestions for a self-guided field trip.


8. Book Reviews: 


9. Website Evaluation


10. Overview for a typical class term project exercise with initial idea, research preparation exercise and peer review.