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The Higher Education Campus Alliance for Advance Visualization – THE CAAV



If you work in advanced visualization on a campus or government lab,                     

you are invited to join our new campus alliance and attend our                                      

first annual conference this summer!


If you have a leadership role in championing advanced visualization on your higher education campus or at a governmental research laboratory, we want you to be a member of our new, volunteer-driven alliance organization --- The Higher Education Campus Alliance for Advanced VisualizationTHE CAAV™.

The primary role of THE CAAV is to serve as a much-needed, unified information resource for higher education and governmental researchers, teaching faculty, and staff throughout the globe that are focused on advanced visualization technology --- including but not limited to immersive visualization platforms (such as CAVEs, Head Mounted Displays, etc.), advanced video screen formats (such as 4K, 8K, OLED, etc.), and advanced visualization software.

Our new volunteer-based organization fosters academic-style open expression and discourse among representatives working in advanced visualization, providing a “Members Only Forum” when this new website is completed and fully operational.

THE CAAV First Annual Conference HOLD THE DATE: June 1 – 3, 2016

Join us for our First Annual Conference. Hold the dates of June 1-3. The conference will be held at the Metropolitan State University of Denver’s CAVEA (Center for Advanced Visualization and Experiential Analysis), with a group rate at the hotel on the campus and convenient transportation via the Denver International Airport Commuter Rail Line.

Once we have confirmed your interest in learning more about THE CAAV and add you to our official membership roster, we will be following up with more details about the conference’s exciting agenda of keynote speakers, “hands-on” workshops and a special tour of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company’s Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory (CHIL) for attendees meeting certain security requirements. We are eager to hear your ideas for topics you would like to see on the conference agenda, even possibly areas that have been neglected at other advanced visualization conferences you have attended in the past.

Please email us via this link, so we can quickly follow-up with more information about membership in THE CAAV and First Annual Conference Registration details.

Thank you for your interest in joining THE CAAV and attending our First Annual Conference.  We also want to thank our organization’s Founding Sponsor, the Mechdyne Corporation.


We will be adding extensive content, forum discussion areas, and more information as soon as possible.