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University of Wyoming

Frequent Traveler Panel for I-80 Corridor between Laramie and Cheyenne


A local traveler panel, consisting of people who frequently drive the I-80 corridor between Laramie and Cheyenne, is being created to report on the quality of information provided to travelers along this corridor. To become a member of this local traveler panel, fill out a background profile.

 Based on the completed profile, members of the panel will receive e-mails asking them to fill out a survey about a recent trip they may have made.  The time period for this project is from November 2009 through April 2010.  There will be two, one-month intensive periods during which panelists may expect to receive several emails per week.  The first will start sometime in November and the other will take place in the spring.  For the remainder of the project period, panelists may only receive infrequent e-mails during certain extreme events

The preferred methods for completing these surveys will use e-mail and web-based surveys. If you are interested in being on the panel, but are not comfortable with these forms of communication you can indicate this on the background profile survey mentioned above and different accommodations can be made.

Use the tabs above (Background, ITS, Contact Us) for more information on the project and the I-80 corridor being studied.