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University Technology Planning Council

University of Wyoming
Technology Planning Council

Friday, March 12, 2010, 10:00 a.m., ITC 370

Present: Robert Aylward, Chairman; Rollin Abernethy; Sara Axelson; Bill Gern; Mary Scott
Absent: Ramona Belden, Janet Lowe, Maggi Murdock


  1. Governorís Video Task Force Update: Robert Aylward updated the TPC on the plans for state-wide video-teleconferencing that include the Governorís Task Force hiring a consultant to plan the implementation under the stateís master services agreement to be paid with funding approved by the Legislature for the university. It has not been determined if the consultant will be based at the university in Laramie or at the state in Cheyenne. The Distance Education Center will be located at the university, a Director and staff will be hired, and there will be an Advisory Council of university, community college, K-12 and other representatives. The Governorís Task Force will be the governing body for both the CTE and the VTC.
  2. NCAR facility update: Bill Gern updated the TPC on the NCAR facility plans. Site preparation will hopefully commence June, 2010, with construction complete and computer installed in August, 2012, followed by about four months of testing to ensure the facility is fully operational. The university will have 20% use of the super computer. At the April State Lands and Investment Board meeting in Cheyenne, the university will request state approval for using the State of Wyomingís fiber to connect the university to the NCAR facility in Cheyenne. Legislative funds up to $1,000,000 are available for the project.
  3. Centralized Technology Purchasing Committee: Robert Aylward told the TPC that a centralized purchasing committee is forming with Dean Oliver Walters as the Chair. Sara Axelson volunteered the Student Affairs division to pilot the program if that is the desired approach.
  4. Virtual Orientation: Sara Axelson described the virtual orientation project that Student Affairs is developing with the Outreach School to launch a virtual orientation program for distance learning students as well as supplemental orientation programs targeted to different types of students.
  5. IT Consolidation status and discussion: Robert Aylward updated the Council on the IT Consolidation initiative and described some of the issues that have arisen: technology tasks assigned to positions that are academic professionals rather than staff, losses of support positions in some areas that IT is helping to cover, pent up demand for special technology projects, and sub-standard equipment that needs to be replaced. These and similar issues require a more thorough look up-front than planned, which will delay the timeline.
  6. Research support: Bill Gern and Robert Aylward discussed University Plan 3ís Action Item 40 relating to developing a research support structure. A Focus Group was formed and has met. Vice President Gern told the TPC that any new computing clusters created on campus will be housed in the ITC. Currently, he explained there are between 15 and 20 actual computing clusters operating on campus.

Contents © 2018 by the University of Wyoming. All rights reserved.

Contents © 2018 by the University of Wyoming. All rights reserved.