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Campus Construction Update for May 22-28

May 20, 2016

These are among the construction activities scheduled May 22-28 at the University of Wyoming:

East Campus (UW Operations Electric Shop; May 2016) -- East campus switch cleaning will be Friday and Saturday, May 21-22. Several buildings will have short power outages for two hours or less. Building contacts have been notified.

Campuswide (Big Horn Roofing, Laramie; November 2016) -- Campus roof replacements will occur in the following order, weather permitting: Fieldhouse, Roach Room; Fieldhouse, north addition of main building and west side; Knight Hall, west-side rooms and restroom of Registration and Records; Pharmacy, upper penthouse roofs; Animal Science, roofs over meat lab and sales on the northwest side; RMMC, entry and front office area; Casper Family Practice, east-side addition. Use caution around equipment and work crews’ activities.

Campuswide (UW Operations Plumbing Shop; May 2016) -- Crews will begin turning on irrigation systems on campus throughout May. Use caution in areas where sprinklers are active. Please report any broken sprinkler heads or flooding to the Service Desk at 766-6225.

UW Operations (Facilities Engineering/Facilities Management) reports the following activities for the week:

Visual Arts Building (UW Operations; May 2016) -- The driveway on the east side of the Visual Arts Building will be blocked May 23-25 for installation of irrigation piping along 22nd Street.

Vet Lab Complex Main Building (UW Operations Preventive Maintenance; May 2016) -- Rehabilitation of the evaporative cooling systems in all three air-handling units that provide cooling and humidity for the main building will begin May 16. Each unit will be shut down for about 48 hours to allow the rust treatment and sealant to cure. Staff will isolate each unit individually when products are applied to block any fumes from entering occupied spaces. Exhaust systems will not be interrupted so that fume hoods will be in continuous operation for the duration of the project. Heating/cooling will be interrupted in different areas of the building while work is being done. All work being performed is located in the mechanical room and will not interfere with normal operations.

1112 Bradley St./1118 Bradley St./1108 Bradley St./456 N. 12th St. (Summit Trucking and House Moving; May 2016) -- Removal of these structures is ongoing and is scheduled to be complete by May 31. Fencing will be installed around each remaining foundation. Please be aware of equipment in the area, and observe posted street and parking closures.

Service Building (Physical Plant, Laramie; August 2016) -- Renovation has begun in the Fleet and Transit area to remodel current office spaces, construct new office spaces and a break room, and install lighting and HVAC upgrades. Fleet Services will operate Car Rental and Auto Services from the mobile trailer, located in the parking lot across 14th Street during the remodel. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Jacoby Golf Course (Christensen Irrigation Co., Costa Mesa, Calif.; July 2016) -- Construction continues with pump station upgrades and installation of lateral irrigation around greens. Piping and material are stockpiled in the staging area west of the clubhouse and around the course. Improvements are expected to decrease water consumption, reduce system maintenance and enhance aesthetics. Please use caution near crews and equipment in this area.

American Heritage Center (The Plumbing Co., Laramie; June 2016) -- Construction of a new pump house and tie-in piping between the American Heritage Center and the Visual Arts Building continues. Piping and material will be stockpiled in the area. Please use caution near crews and equipment in this area.

Bureau of Mines Building (Marshall Contracting, Laramie; The Plumbing Company, Laramie; Fremont Electric, Laramie; May 2016) -- A renovation to satisfy ADA compliance in the existing basement-level men’s restroom is in progress. The restroom will be bisected to accommodate an ADA-accessible men’s and women’s restroom. All drywall, paint and electrical work is complete. Plumbing trim and toilet partition work is complete. Final finish work and punch-list work are in progress. Please be cautious of work crews and equipment in the area.

Engineering Building (Shepard Construction, Rawlins; June 2016) -- Classroom technology will be updated in the following classrooms: 1055, 2109, 3111, 3114 and 4066. Please use caution around crews and equipment.

Anthropology Building (Shepard Construction, Rawlins; June 2016) -- Classroom technology will be updated in Classroom 150. Please use caution around crews and equipment.

Physical Sciences Building (Arcon Inc., Laramie; May 2016) -- Construction will begin to repair water damage in the corridor that links the Classroom Building to the Physical Sciences Building. This corridor is adjacent to the UW Planetarium main entry. Selective demolition, framing, drywall and painting will be performed on the south wall. One of the corridor entry doors will remain active throughout the project. Dust and traffic-control barricades will be in place. Please be cautious around crews and equipment in the area.

Landmark Square Apartments (Highland Landscaping, Laramie; June 2016) -- Landscape improvements and new sprinkler system installation will begin in remaining Landmark Apartment areas. Irrigation main, lateral line installation and pump station infrastructure are complete for the large central areas. The smaller areas adjacent to the center and the perimeter will be stripped of existing landscaping, and sprinkler infrastructure will be installed. Traffic-control barricades will be placed, and equipment will be staged. Please be cautious around excavation areas and equipment.

Central Energy Plant (ITC Electrical Technologies, Casper; September 2016) -- New transformers, generators and switchgear are being installed at the UW Central Energy Plant. The landscape area to the south and west of the plant will be partitioned off for construction activities. There will be storage containers, vehicles and equipment on the adjacent roadway. Please observe traffic-control barricades, and watch for crews and equipment in the area.

Animal Science Building and the Centennial Complex (Stonehouse Inc., Laramie; May 2016) -- A new electric vault, north of the sidewalk that bisects the Animal Science Building and the Centennial Complex, has been poured, waterproofed and backfilled. Traffic-control barricades and fencing will remain in place until the new conductors are pulled in May, weather permitting. Please use caution around staged vehicles and equipment.

Jacoby Golf Course (Jordan’s Tree Service, Fort Collins, Colo.; May 2016) -- New spruce trees will be planted along the east side of 30th Street over the next few weeks, weather permitting. Please use caution around crews and equipment in the area.

Half Acre Recreation and Wellness Center (UW Operations Equipment Shop and Scotch Boy Inc., Cheyenne; May 2016) -- Crews have begun landscape improvements east of Half Acre and around the Wyoming Union Day Lot. Please anticipate lane narrowing or full closure at times. Please use caution near crews, equipment and materials.

Education Building (Arcon Inc., Laramie; August 2016) -- Staging areas are being constructed on the north and south ends of the building in preparation for window replacement this summer. Staging south of the building will be in place by mid-May. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (Shepard Construction Inc., Rawlins; June 2016) -- Window and door replacement on the west side of the building will continue through June 30. The windows and doors on the west side of the building, which were not impacted by the east expansion project, are the primary focus. Replacement of these windows and doors is expected to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Please use caution near crews and equipment in this area.

Engineering Building West Petroleum Wing (Colorado Hazard Control, Denver, Colo.) -- Abatement work is underway in the corridors and the south stairwell, located in the Petroleum (west) wing of the Engineering Building. The south stairwell will be closed for the entire four weeks of the project. Contractor personnel will use the southwest entrance for staging and access. Please use caution around this area. Each floor (level) will be cleaned separately and be closed for approximately a week. Work will begin Monday, May 23, on the 1000 level. Work will begin on the 4000 level Thursday, May 26. The 3000 and 2000 levels will be open for access through the corridors to the main building and via the north.

Agriculture Building (Shepard Construction, Rawlins; June 2016) -- Classroom technology will be updated in the following classrooms: 1030, 1032, 2018, 2024, 41, 4021 and 328. Please use caution around crews and equipment.

Agriculture C Addition (Mastec, Denver, Colo.; August 2016) -- Installation of an AT&T Cellular site on the east roof of the building is underway. Please be cautious of work crews and equipment in the area.

Old Main (Big Horn Roofing, Laramie; May 2016) -- Roof replacement of the upper low-slope roofs will occur, weather permitting. Access and loading will be on the west side. Use caution around equipment and work crews’ activities.

Hoyt Hall (KONE, Inc.; 2016) -- The elevator in Hoyt Hall will be restarted and reprogrammed following renovation activities. New Braille plates and car operating panel floor designations also will be installed. The elevator will be in full operation by the end of the day June 7.

Physical Sciences Building (UW Electricians) -- An uninterruptable power supply is being installed for an X-ray photoelectron spectrometer. Work is expected to be completed early in the week.

Energy Innovation Center (UW Operations) -- Excavation will begin May 23 to locate and repair a chilled water leak below grade at the south exterior of the building. A small portion of the parking area may be affected. Please use caution around heavy equipment in the area.

Geology Building/Earth Sciences Building (Trident Electric, Laramie; May 2016) -- An electrical outage is scheduled to occur at the Geology Building during the morning hours of Friday, May 27, so that electrical system modifications can be completed. During this time, no electricity will be available at the Geology Building. Power will remain on in Earth Sciences, but network and phone access will be offline. The outage is expected to begin at 6:30 a.m. and last until 8 a.m. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Coe Library (SE Wyoming Insulation; July 2016) -- Construction is scheduled to begin in Room 206 to convert it to a presentation studio and an extra storage room. Existing lighting will be replaced with new LEDs. Please be cautious of work crews and equipment in the area.

Fieldhouse North (Marshall Contracting, Laramie; August 2016) -- Demolition is scheduled to begin May 24 to renovate the wrestling locker room. Staging will be located in the lower east hallway. Please be cautious of work crews and equipment in the area.

Biological Sciences Building (Marshall Contracting, Laramie; July 2016) -- Construction has begun in Room 302 to upgrade classroom finishes and technology. Please be cautious of work crews and equipment in the area.

Gibbon Street east of 15th Street (Equipment Services) -- Equipment Services will conduct maintenance activities on the gravel portion of Gibbon Street east of 15th Street. The culvert at the RMMC storage building will be upgraded. Please use caution around crews and equipment in the area.

Bureau of Mines Building (Scotch Boy Inc., Cheyenne; May 2016) -- The crew is replacing the irrigation system on the west and north sides of the building. Please use caution around crews and equipment in the area.

Facilities Architecture reports the following activities for the week:

Hoyt Hall Renovation (General contractor Elk Ridge Builders & Design LLC, Laramie; scheduled substantial completion July 22, 2016) -- Sheetrock finishing, painting; installation of new wood trim, acoustical ceilings, new fire alarm system and light fixtures; along with rough-in of plumbing, electrical and data wiring are taking place in the basement, first and second floor levels. New carpet tile installation is complete on the third floor. The overall building renovation is about 65 percent complete. The second and third floors are scheduled to be substantially complete (excluding restroom fixtures) by May 25, with the first floor and basement substantially complete by mid-July. Move-in of furniture and equipment will begin on the upper two floors in early June and continue during the summer as spaces in the building are made ready for fall semester occupancy. Please observe all temporary barricades, construction fencing, cautionary signs or other posted instructions around the building where work is taking place.

ASUW Student Memorial Plaza Alpine Planting (General contractor Arcon Inc., Laramie; scheduled substantial completion May 31, 2016) -- The remaining alpine planting work at the vertical dry-stack stone walls has begun. This work is expected to take about two weeks. The contractor will begin work at the north half of the plaza before moving to the south. Please observe all temporary barricades, cautionary signs or other posted instructions around the site where work is taking place.

Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts (General contractor Sampson Construction, Cheyenne; Fine Arts Building renovation and expansion) -- Remaining landscaping installation is complete. UW Operations installation of chilled water lines by vending and the men’s restroom next to vending is complete. Eleven-month warranty items will be addressed this week. Contractors will be completing warranty items throughout the building until June 3.

High Bay Research Facility (General contractor Haselden Wyoming Constructors, Laramie; 19th Street; scheduled completion spring 2017) -- Storm drain No. 1 -- that will extend from the site south to a detention pond -- is under construction. The crew is performing underground exploration to determine the location of a water line in the drive lane lot south of the Animal Science Building. Once it’s complete, the crew will begin excavation/installation of the storm line across the drive. When this work begins, it is anticipated to take one week. Work to complete this storm line will continue through early June. Underground electrical conduit serving the building is being installed on the northwest corner of the building. Mechanical ductwork is nearing completion on the second floor of the west wing, with the focus shifting to the first floor of both the north and west wings. Drywall, including lead-lined shielding, is being installed throughout the second floor of the west wing. Wall framing for the first floor of the west wing is ongoing, with drywall starting on the priority walls. Interior masonry on the north wing will be complete by the end of the week. The elevator is on site, and preparation for installation is underway. Curtain wall framing is being installed on the west side of the west wing, followed by glazing installation. Exterior stone masonry is being installed on the south portion of the building. Exterior metal panels for the mechanical penthouses are being installed on the north and west mechanical penthouses. Tying of rebar and installation of concrete formwork are underway on the reaction wall in the structural testing laboratory.

Facilities Construction reports the following activities for the week:

War Memorial Stadium and UniWyo Sports Complex Video Board Project (Panasonic Enterprise Solutions; August 2016) -- Selective demolition of the existing scoreboard and electrical service has begun for the new video/scoreboard at the south side of War Memorial Stadium. The existing scoreboard will be removed in its entirety and replaced with a new tower structure and associated audio/visual infrastructure. The main area under construction will be completely contained with a perimeter fence, and public access to War Memorial Stadium will remain open during the project. Conduit for future electrical service and data cabling will be installed to all four corners of the second-level concourse fascia for LED displays as well. Conduit for future electrical service and data cabling also will be installed at select locations in the UniWyo Sports Complex for new game clocks and scoreboards concurrently with other construction activities related to this project. Please be cautious of equipment, vehicles and construction crews in the area.

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