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Campus Construction Update for Aug. 6-12

August 4, 2017

These are among the construction activities scheduled Aug. 6-12 at the University of Wyoming:

Annual Steam System Shutdown (UW Operations) -- The annual campus steam shutdown will continue through the afternoon of Aug. 21. Most campus buildings between 22nd and Ninth streets and Ivinson to Lewis streets will not have hot water or steam during the shutdown. A portable boiler will be placed near Washakie Dining Hall and will remain on site until Aug. 22. 

Caulk Repairs (UW Operations, Paint Shop) -- Weather permitting, building and deck caulk repairs will run through August. The shop will remove deteriorating caulk from expansion joints and replace as needed across the campus. The project will begin at the Aven Nelson and Biological Sciences area of the campus. Sections of the area may be barricaded during the day, as needed, for safety. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Exterior Building Envelope Projects (UW Paint Shop; September 2017) -- Recaulking of the perimeter of the Aven Nelson Building and south-side entrances of Biological Sciences will occur. A man lift will be utilized for the glazing work south of Biological Sciences, the pedestrian entrance will be partially closed, and the man lift will reduce vehicular traffic to one lane. Note: This project is part of the caulk repairs project.

Lot Maintenance (UW Operations, Structural Trades) -- Weather permitting, summer lot maintenance will run through August. The shops will stripe lots and curbs, and replace signs as needed across the campus. Sections of the lots may be barricaded during the day, as needed, for safety. Work is scheduled for the Office Annex lot for the week of Aug. 7-11. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Red Buttes Environmental Biology Laboratory (The Plumbing Co., Laramie, and UW Operations; June 2017) -- Work is ongoing for drainage upgrades and sidewalk replacement. Please use caution around equipment and crews.

Agriculture C and Engineering Addition Buildings (Summit Sealants, Montrose, Colo.; September 2017) -- Paint, caulk and minor repairs to the exteriors of Agriculture C and Engineering are ongoing. The Engineering southeast pedestrian and handicapped entrance will be closed Aug. 4-18 to allow a scissor lift to be staged to complete the entrance overhang area. The Agriculture C west-end double-door entrance will have scaffolding beginning Aug. 21. Pedestrian traffic will be routed through a scaffold passage tunnel to protect pedestrians from drop hazards from work occurring above. Please use caution around crews.

O’Bryan Monument (UW Operations, Equipment Shop; June 2017) -- Restoration and upgrades to the O’Bryan Monument are ongoing. Please use caution around the work crew.

Cheyenne Family Medicine (Simon Contractors, Cheyenne; July 2017) -- Reconstruction of the north parking lot is ongoing. Work will require closure of the lot. Please use caution around work crews.

Coe Library (UW Operations, Paint Shop) -- Painting of the main stairwell will continue. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Education Building (Arcon Inc., Laramie; August 2017) -- The Education Building window replacement project is ongoing. The next batch of windows to be replaced will be on the north side of the building. Construction fence has been established on the north side. Replacement of these windows is expected to improve energy efficiency and occupant comfort. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

Engineering Education and Research Building (EERB) (Construction manager GE Johnson Construction Wyoming LLC, Casper; spring 2019) -- Structural steel erection is nearly complete on the east half of the building and 50 percent complete on the west half. Concrete on the metal deck is complete on levels two, three and four on the west half of the structure. Over the next month, the following activities are scheduled to take place: mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins; interior and exterior metal stud framing; concrete masonry unit installation; topping slabs; and metal decking. Please steer clear of heavy equipment or delivery trucks parked on city streets. Click here to see a map showing revisions to bus routes and street closures. Please observe all construction signs.

Mick and Susie McMurry High Altitude Performance Center (Construction manager at risk GE Johnson Construction Wyoming LLC, Jackson; June 2018) -- The north side of the football field and the sidewalk to the north of the Rochelle Athletics Center will remain the only pedestrian paths from the east to the west across the north of the stadium until late August. Gates 6 and 8 will remain closed until the exterior site work and hardscapes are complete. All other pedestrian access routes are indicated by traffic-control barricades and signs. Site utility work, including the installation of steam lines and chilled water lines, is complete, with the exception of the final tie-in adjacent to the Visual Arts Building. Site flatwork is in progress, and barricades will be in place for new concrete pours. All pedestrian access will be rerouted when pours occur in the main pathways. Please use caution when near the project, and observe all construction signs.

Guthrie House (UW Operations, Equipment Shop; June 2017) -- Work is ongoing to construct a new ADA ramp east of the building. Parking in the area will be closed during demolition and construction. Please use caution around equipment.

Ross Hall (Marshall Contracting and Facilities Operations, August 2017) -- A new ADA ramp is being constructed in the central corridor of the basement. Half of the east stairwell will be demolished and replaced with a ramp. Construction is ongoing, and the railing has not yet been installed around the new ramp. Please be cautious of crews and equipment around this area, as well as when using the new ramp.

Hoyt Hall (Arcon Inc. of Laramie; July 2017) -- Downspout drainage improvements to the west side of the building will be ongoing, weather permitting. Handicapped access from the north to the main entry will be interrupted for a short period to allow installation of pipes. Construction ramps will be installed to maintain pedestrian access. Staging will be on the north and west sides of the building. Use caution around construction areas and work crews.

Visual Arts Building (UW Operations; July 2017) -- Ductwork in the mechanical chase and room has been removed. Outside air louvers and the interior corridor air path will be reconfigured to reduce energy consumption, overcome air infiltration and improve occupant comfort. Staging will be on the north and east sides of the building. A spray foam insulation rig will reinsulate the louver areas after capping, and some odor can be expected for a couple of days after the application. Expect noise and crew traffic in the corridors. Please use caution around the work areas.

Biological Sciences Building (UW Operations; July 2017) -- Electrical work will occur sometime this month in Room 37 to allow power to new computer desks and furniture. Please use caution around crews and equipment in this area.

Wyoming State Vet Lab Renovations (BSL-3) (General contractor Sampson Construction, Cheyenne; August 2017) -- Punch-list and commissioning activities are ongoing. Be cautious around heavy equipment.

Arena-Auditorium Addition and Renovations (General contractor Sletten Construction of Wyoming Inc., Cody; October 2017) -- Parking on the east side of the building will be blocked for the project duration. Access to the A-A is closed. Be cautious of equipment, vehicles and construction crews in the area.

Residence Halls: McIntyre, White, Downey and Orr (Commercial Flooring of Laramie; July 2017) -- Installation of new blinds in Downey and McIntyre halls is ongoing in the “fishbowl” areas. Installation work in Orr Hall has been completed, and construction in White Hall has been delayed. Please use caution around crews and equipment in these areas.

Centennial Complex (Arcon Inc., Laramie; October 2017) -- The floor where the desk was removed has been stripped to bare concrete. The colorant will be stripped as time allows. Use caution around work area.

Arts and Sciences Building (UW Operations, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical and Paint Shops) -- The men’s and women’s restrooms on the first floor of the A&S Building will be remodeled. Bathrooms will be closed for the next few weeks while work is being done. 

Engineering Building (Shepard Construction, Rawlins; August 2017) -- Construction on the east wing of the fourth floor is ongoing. Work will occur in offices as well as the hallway. Please use caution in this area.

Spanish Walk Apartments (Arcon Inc. and Lance’s Painting; August 2017) -- These buildings will undergo exterior renovation. Please use caution in the area. To ensure privacy, keep blinds closed.

Agronomy Farm (The Plumbing Co., Laramie; August 2017) -- The drain line will be replaced. Please use caution around the fenced area until the ground has time to dry out.

Coe Library and History Building (UW Operations, Equipment Services) -- Equipment Services will remove and replace concrete in the alley between the History Building and the Coe Library loading dock. Please use caution when in or near the area.

Campus Roof Replacements (Big Horn Roofing, Laramie; November 2017) -- Roof replacements will occur on Ross Hall over the Rendezvous Café; A&S over the auditorium; Bureau of Mines over the south end; and the Central Energy Plant over the generator and south side. Expect noise, dust and intermittent shutdown of HVAC equipment to reflash and prevent odors from entering the occupied areas. A fenced staging area will be set Aug. 4 on the northwest corner of A&S and will remain in place for approximately five weeks. The pedestrian and handicapped entrance will be accessible, but the sidewalk to the west will be blocked by the staging area. Please use north or east sidewalks to access this entrance. Use caution around fenced barricades, the main staging area and hoist equipment.

Campus Roof Coating Project (Big Horn Roofing, Laramie; September 2017) -- Roofs on Half Acre, the Fieldhouse and Aven Nelson will be coated to extend life and increase reflectance of membranes. Expect ground-area drainage during washing/cleaning operations. Products are biodegradable. Use caution around fenced barricades and staging areas.

Prexy’s Pasture, West of Half Acre and Southeast of Agriculture C (UW Operations, Equipment Services) -- Damaged areas of concrete sidewalk will be removed and replaced. Sections of the area will be barricaded, as needed, for safety. Please use caution when in or near the area.

High Bay Research Facility (UW Operations, Laramie Mechanical Systems; August 2017) -- Work will begin to cool the mechanical room air compressor. Please use caution around crews and equipment.

A&S/Ross Hall (Marshall Contracting, Smooth Movers, UW IT, UW Materials; Aug. 20) -- Approximately 60 offices are being relocated between A&S and Ross Hall as department locations are shifting. Movers will use the exterior loop of Prexy's Pasture for truck access. Please use caution around moving crews and vehicles.

Ross Hall (UW Operations, Plumbing Shop) -- Crews will continue repairing the southwest entrance vestibule in the interior part of the lower-level entrance. Please use caution. Barricades will be set up for safety concerns. Construction will consist of removing the concrete floor and walls to repair the broken sanitary sewer line below the floor. Please use another entrance to the building during this time, and please excuse the mess during construction.

Health Sciences Building (UW Operations) -- Construction is ongoing in Rooms 249 and 251 to take down a wall. Several rooms in the hearing clinic on the first floor as well as offices on the second floor are being painted, and furniture is being moved. Please use caution around materials.

Michael B. Enzi STEM Facility (Laramie Mechanical and Heating Inc., Laramie) -- Work will be performed on the exhaust ducting in different rooms and in the penthouse Aug. 15-16. Please use caution around crews.  

Central Energy Plant (Arcon Inc., Laramie; October 2017) -- Demolition for condensate tank replacement project is underway. Construction fence will be set up around the work area. The sidewalk on the west side of 19th Street will be closed, and 19th Street will be blocked occasionally. Please be cautious of crews and equipment in the area.

The following projects are complete:

Centennial Complex, Wyoming Union (Wyoming Sealants, Saratoga; August 2017) -- Caulking and concrete sealing repairs are complete.

Office Annex Building (UW Operations, Plumbing and Structural Trades) -- Work on the unisex handicapped-access restroom is complete.

McIntyre Hall (Big Horn Roofing of Laramie; July 2017) -- Roof replacement, eyebrow modifications and cell site removal work are complete.

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