(Aegilops cylindrica Host.)

GROWTH HABIT: Winter annual, spread by seed only. Erect.

LEAVES: Alternate, simple, auricles present at base of blade. Can be smooth or hairy and may have occasional hairs extending from margins of leaf blade.

STEMS: Up to 30" tall, branched at base to give tufted appearance.

FLOWERS: The spike (seed head) is cylindrical, more than 10 times as long as it is wide. 2 to 12 spikelets (joints) per spike, 1/2" long. Spikelets awned with uppermost spikelets having especially long awns. At maturity spikelets separate and look like sheat stems.

ROOTS: Shallow, fibrous.

SEEDS: 1 to 3 per spikelet.

OTHER: Reduces grain yields and can be a contaminant in winter wheat, reducing prices.

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