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Lessons Wednesdays, 7-9 pm, in the Union behind Rolling Mill Cafe

What is Swing Club???

Swing Club's history relates back to the banquets and performances that occurred during the Middle Ages. At each banquet, a jester would perform for the King and his guests by juggling and singing. If the King didn't like the performance, he would order one of his knights to "Swing the Club" (which was a big mace) at the jester's head. The jester had to continue dancing and singing while trying to avoid the Swinging Club. Hence this is where we get the names "Swing Club" and "Swing Dancing!"

Just kidding! Swing Club is actually a group of students at the University of Wyoming who teach and participate in swing dancing! Swing club's main goals are to provide a fun environment in which students and local members of the Laramie community can learn how to swing dance. Swing Club teaches the three main dance steps that swing is composed of: the Jitterbug, the Lindy-Hop, and the Charleston as well as other dances like The Shag, Salsa, Polka, and The Balboa. Swing Club has a firm relationship with the University and participates in many events that have included Discovery Days, Weeks of Welcome, and the Halloween Safe-Treat program. Swing Club also works to hire live bands and host free swing dances for members of the community who enjoy dancing.

Swing Club is a group of talented, fun-loving people who love to share their knowledge of swing dancing with anyone who is interested in learning. In our minds, if your feet aren't dancin', you might as well not even be wearing them!