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April 17, 2020
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Get answers to your most pressing new-student questions.


Student Q&A

Will I see people from my high school every day?

The short and simple answer is only if you want to. There are enough people on campus that if you make an effort to make new friends and hang out with them, the people from high school start to fall into the background. –Katie

How do I get involved while still balancing schoolwork?

My best answer is finding a schedule that works for you. Going to study at a coffee shop with friends or creating a study group in class can be great ways to be efficient while also getting to know people on campus. –Kyra

How do I get involved with RSOs?

First off, be sure to go to the Club Fair. It usually happens in the first month of fall semester, and they have lots of information tables set up. Also, consider clubs within your college that your adviser can talk to you about! (Find RSOs at –Paige

How do you make friends?

Don’t be afraid to speak to people in your classes. Also, RSOs are an amazing way to meet people who are interested in the same things as you. As a fitness instructor, I also love when people attend fitness classes too—oftentimes you can make an unexpected friend group there as well. – Alma

What should I do if I begin to struggle in courses?

Utilize all the resources available to you before it is too late. UW offers a great deal of tutoring options, such as STEP, that allow for students to connect with other students to receive help if need be. Go sit in on office hours and ask questions. Professors are people, too, and they will help you as much as they can as long as you ask for it. –Trent

Have you found your groove in Laramie?

Absolutely! I am an outdoorsy girl, and Laramie is all I could ever ask for in that regard. There is never a shortage of things to do around the area and people willing to do it with you. Don’t be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone! For campus activities, check out the Union front desk. They can also answer a lot of questions about what to eat and where a building is on campus, etc. Posters around campus are always a good thing to check out for activities (for example, concerts, beer garden nights, etc.) that are usually a whole bunch of fun and worth checking out. (See 30 Things to Do.) –Alma

Where are all of my classes going to be, and will I be able to get to all of them on time?

You can get to classes within a reasonable timeframe. I think my hardest commute personally was when I had 10 minutes to get from the Classroom Building all the way to the College of Business. I usually showed up right on time and let my professor know ahead of time and never had any problems. For farther buildings, such as Visual Arts or Molecular Biology, just remember that the bus is an option. Also, a bike or scooter or longboard is an excellent investment for the non-winter months. –Alma

As a transfer student, how do I find housing?

One of our peer mentors with the Transfer Success Center has compiled a useful list of housing options on our University of Wyoming Transfer Students Facebook page ( under the notes section, titled Housing 101. –Hailey T.

How is the workload compared to community college?

It is a very manageable workload—just make sure that you set enough time each week to finish everything to keep yourself on track. –Joseph

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High school students take part in the 2019 Healthcare Careers Summer Camp.


Admissions Q&A

How do I apply to the University of Wyoming?

UW has an online application process. Applications can be submitted through the UW application portal or via Common Application. Visit our website for more information:

How do you get into college?

Getting into college starts first with your own academics and interests. As you enter your sophomore and junior year, you will begin looking at colleges and considering if higher education is right for you. If you are interested, you can begin touring campuses and speaking with your counselor about what institution would be the right fit for you. We at UW Admissions recommend visiting the institutions you’re interested in attending. This is singlehandedly the best way to get an idea of what that experience will be like.

What is the application deadline?

UW works on a rolling admissions basis. We process applications as we receive them and usually will have an admissions decision made within 10-12 business days of us receiving your application, official transcript and test scores. We encourage you to apply early so we can process your application and documents before the semester begins. (For international students, each term has its own deadline—fall is July 1, spring is Dec. 1, and summer is April 1.)

How can I pay the application fee?

The application fee is $40 for undergraduate applicants and $50 for graduate applicants. The fee can be paid electronically through the application portal. (A fee waiver can be requested using a NACAC fee waiver, for involvement in Gear Up or the High School Institute, or for students who may be on free and reduced lunch. Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed—have your high school counselor send us an email.)

What if I was admitted under the Bridge Program?

Admission with support is available to high school seniors or graduates who have high school indicators outside of UW’s admission guidelines (GPA, ACT, high school curriculum) and satisfy certain requirements. To foster academic success, students admitted with support participate in UW’s nationally recognized Bridge Program or other academic transition programs. Visit for additional details.

Can I schedule a campus tour or visit?

Most definitely! Our campus visit center offers great programs for groups or individuals. The center’s website provides information on all the current programs, as well as a link to schedule a visit.

Where do I mail my transcripts, test scores, documents, application fee, or enrollment deposit?

You can mail them to the Admissions Office. Our address is: UW Admissions, Dept. 3435, 1000 E. University Ave., Laramie, WY 82071

How do I check the status of my application?

You can check the status of your application by logging into your application ( using the username and password you used to apply. Once you are logged in, the Application Status/Next Steps box will provide information on your application status. You will receive correspondence directly from UW Admissions as soon as possible once an admission decision has been made on your application.

I’ve been accepted—what are my next steps?

Congratulations! There are a number of steps to get everything in order! It all depends on your student type. Follow the link and then select your student type—first year, transfer, etc. It will direct you to your next steps!

What if I fail a class after being admitted to UW?

Depending on your previous academic credentials and course completion, we will review your application and updated information to make sure you still meet our admissions standards.

What can I do to be successful and make it in college?

Study hard—the harder you study in your early years, the easier the next step in your academic career will be. Improve your study habits, and familiarize yourself with the “college atmosphere.” What type of student do you want to be? Do you want to travel? Do you want to socialize with individuals outside of your current friend group? Or do you prefer to stay with the environment you’re already used to? Finding out what you want as a student and intrinsically as an individual will give you a fantastic jump.

How do I get a scholarship?

The first step is to study and study hard. Scholarships are determined by a variety of factors, but they all start with your success in school. UW looks at ACT or SAT scores and a student’s unweighted high school GPA when determining scholarship opportunities. If you’re looking for information on scholarships, your high school counselor is a fantastic resource.

Are there specific requirements to be admitted into the academic programs at UW?

When you apply and are accepted, you will be admitted into any program you list on your application except for a few. Students planning to study in nursing, dietetics and/or education will have additional admissions standards that need to be reviewed for admittance into the program.

Is living on-campus required, and can I choose which residence hall I live in my freshman year?

First-time incoming freshmen have to stay in our residence halls, but this isn’t a bad thing! UW offers so many options for the residence hall experience. There are Living Learning Communities as well as FIGs or Freshman Interest Groups. Some examples of the Living Learning Communities include those for first-Generation students, those studying engineering, those in Army ROTC or Air Force ROTC, and others. Some example of FIGs include geology, outdoor recreation, teaching careers and criminal justice. These living communities link to coursework and help students better develop a base for their future studies alongside other UW students. A FIG is designed to meet University Studies requirements, so even if you decide on a different major after your freshman year, you will still be on track.


Student Resources

Student Health Service: At the Student Health Service, full-time eligible students can see a clinician at no cost, although there are costs for pharmacy and some other services. Services include illness, injury, women’s and men’s health, preventative health, mental health and more.

STEP Tutoring: STEP Tutoring offers free tutoring in as many as 50 different classes.

Writing Center: Need help with a writing assignment? Make an appointment at the Writing Center! Consultations can help you at all stages and levels of writing.

Center for Assistance with Mathematics and Statistics: If you need help in lower-division math—below the 3000 level—the math center offers free drop-in tutoring.

University Counseling Center: UW students can receive free student counseling services, including crisis intervention.  (After-hours crisis line: 307-766-8989)

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