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Department of Veterinary Sciences

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

Chronic Wasting Disease

CWD is an infectious and fatal disease in deer, elk and moose that causes neurological degeneration in parts of an infected animal's brain and a slow wasting away, ending in death.  It occurs among our wild herds in many areas of southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado, and sparsely in other North American locations as well as among farmed deer and elk.  CWD can be "caught" by susceptible animals from contaminated sources in the environment as well as from contact with infected animals.  It is therefore probably not going to be easily eradicated from wildlife populations in which it is already well-established and endemic until we know more about exactly how, where and when it can be passed on and what precisely it does to cause disease and death in the infected animal.

Areas of research by UW researchers in collaboration with other scientists and wildlife managers include studies of genetic factors that may contribute to increased or decreased susceptibility of wild ruminants to CWD, the effects of CWD on white-tailed deer activity, landscape use patterns and on livestock interactions in a high-prevalence CWD area in central Wyoming, the development of sensitive assays for the CWD agent to monitor shedding and environmental contamination by infected mule deer, white-tailed deer and elk throughout the course of infection, an investigation of the presence of the CWD agent in various muscles of infected deer and elk, the pathogenesis of experimentally induced CWD over the course of disease development in mule deer, the susceptibility of cattle to oral infection with CWD, and the susceptibility of domestic sheep to CWD through experimental oral inoculation.

It is not an exaggeration to say that most of the scientific research on chronic wasting disease accomplished in the past 20 years was carried out by the late Dr. Elizabeth S. Williams at the Wyoming State Veterinary Laboratory of the University of Wyoming in collaboration with colleagues in the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, in the Colorado Division of Wildlife, and at Colorado State University.  Following Dr. Williams’ death in December 2004, her various collaborators have undertaken to continue her work and to keep building on that foundation with the aim of finding ways to control CWD.


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