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Wellness IN the Rockies Educational Materials

A variety of materials have been developed for WIN the Rockies. Some of these are downloadable at this site.  Materials provided are intended for educational purposes only. For an overview of our intervention efforts and impacts, click here Chart of Interventions.

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Click on the image to download the WIN the Rockies posters (in English and Spanish), puzzles and other media material to promote enjoyment of physical activity, respect for body-size differences, and pleasurable and healthful eating.

Click on the image to download thirteen hands-on lessons on food, physical activity and body image for youth 10 to 13 years of age.  Designed for both classroom and non-classroom settings. Lesson plans include background information, health education standards, scripts, take-home activities, ideas for community projects, handouts, assessment options, and additional resources.

Click on the image to review and download a collection of 40 activities, for youth ages 8 and older, designed for non-formal settings such as camps and after-school programs. The high-energy, hands-on activities cover several approaches to teaching WIN the Rockies principles.

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Click on the image to download an energizing educational trivia-style game for 10- to 13-year-old youth played similar to the popular quiz show.  The four rounds of the game are designed to accompany the WIN Kids Lessons or can be used independently.  The focus is on reinforcing enjoyment of physical activity, pleasurable and healthful eating, respect for body-size differences, and benefits of self-acceptance.

Click on the image to download a curriculum for adults who struggle with weight and food. The 10-session multi-method, experiential learning program offers insights and tools for setting and achieving goals for health behavior changes in the areas of food, physical activity and body image. Adapted from A New You developed by Outreach & Extension of the University of Missouri & Lincoln University.

Click on the image to download the WIN Steps Facilitator's Guide, a collection of ideas and tools for community-based pedometer walking programs.

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