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Investigates low-fat sources of calcium-rich beverages. Helps students understand calcium's role in bone health, particularly for growth. Includes evaluation of different types of milk and label reading activities.

           * BONES Lesson

           * Handout 1 –- The Milk Challenge: Evaluation Form

           * Handout 2 -- WIN the Home:Creating a WINNING Smoothie

           * Beverage Labels
             (Print on cardstock or heavy paper)

           Food Picture Cards (Print front to back,  in color, on cardstock or heavy paper)

                 * Cards 1 Front (pictures)

                 * Cards 1 Back (text)

                 * Cards 2 Front (pictures)

                 * Cards 2 Back (text)

                 * Cards 3 Front (pictures)

                 * Cards 3 Back (text)

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