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WIN Kids Lessons for youth ages 10-13 years (5th and 6th grade)

           Designed for educators in classroom and non-classroom settings.

         Click here for a summary of all the lessons. These files have been 

         updated October, 2011 to reflect the My Plate.

To see an overview of each lesson, click here "Overview of WIN Kids Lessons"

Walk With Me --

            Enjoy walking as fun daily physical activity.

VBM: Variety, Balance, Moderation --

             Exploring these three keys to healthy eating.

Portion Investigators --

            Investigating how super-size portions contribute to overeating and obesity.

The Original Fast Foods: Fruits and Vegetables --

            Health benefits of fruits and vegetables and how to eat more.

The Senses Carnival --

            Role of the five senses in pleasurable eating.

Taste Bud Twister --

            How the tongue distinguishes different flavors.

How Sweet Is It? --

            Health concerns of soft drinks and other sweetened beverages.


            Why and how to include low-fat, calcium-rich beverages each day.

Moving On With Fiber --

            Health benefits of fiber and selecting higher-fiber foods.

Fat Facts --

            Role of fat as a nutrient and ways to identify high-fat foods.

As If --

            Sources and myths of body image messages.

Picture Perfect --

            False images of body perfection in the media.

Choose to Move --

            Daily physical activity for all kids.

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Ideas for Educators
Teaching WIN Kids click here
            * Facilitating Programs for Youth (PDF format)

Evaluation Tool:
A pre/post knowledge assessment tool for the WIN Kids lessons is available.
           * WIN Kids Assessment Tool (PDF format) (Word format)
           * WIN Kids Assessment Key (PDF format)

Lesson Features:
           * Sessions approximately 30 to 40 minutes in length
           * Learning objectives
           * National, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho health education standards
           * List of supplies and materials needed
           * Lesson script
           * Activities to take home to share concepts with family members
           * Ideas for community projects
           * Camera-ready handouts
           * Background section for the educator
           * Additional opportunities for further sessions
           * Assessment ideas to determine if students met selected health standards
           * Sources for more information

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