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 Walking Programs

The WIN Steps Facilitator’s Guide is a collection of ideas and tools for community-based pedometer walking programs. The materials include lessons learned and creative ideas from WIN the Rockies’ walking programs conducted in research communities from 2002 to 2004.

There are a variety of ways to use these materials. Review the Coordinator’s Information and select Promotional Materials as needed. Below is an outline of what may be the most useful additional components depending upon the type of program you are planning.

BASIC:  For a low-maintenance, individual, self-guided program (motivated participants who just need the basics), use

            Participant Tracking Tools: Participant’s Step Log

            Talk the Walk: Pedometers 

INTERMEDIATE:  For a group, distance-based walking program with 2 to 3 group sessions, add

Walk this Way: Walking Routes

Talk the Walk: Goal Setting

Talk the Walk: Fitness

Talk the Walk: What’s In Our Community?           

COMPLETE:  For an 8- to 16-week program with 4 or more group sessions, add


            Remaining Talk the Walk presentations

            Evaluation tools 

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WIN STEPS Facilitator Guide

Acknowledgements (PDF format) 

Coordinator’s Information

            How to Use This Guide (PDF format)

            Table of Contents (PDF format)

An Introduction (PDF format)      

Tips for Coordinators (PDF format)

            Lessons Learned (PDF format)

            Step Conversions (PDF format)

            Cover Page (PDF format) 

Promotional Materials

Promo Flyer (MS Word or PDF format)

Registration Form (MS Word or PDF format)

Enrollment Form (MS Word or PDF format)

Words to Walk By (MS Word or PDF format)

Certificate of Achievement (MS Word or PDF format) 

Walk This Way: Walking Routes

            Walking Routes (PDF format)

            U.S. Map (PDF format)

U.S. Capitals Map (PDF format)

            Mileages (PDF format)

Interesting Notes and Ideas (PDF format) 

Footnotes (Newsletters)

Lifestyle Physical Activity (PDF format)

            Step It Up! (PDF format)

            Keys to Staying Physically Active (PDF format)

            Choose to Move – Lots of Reasons (PDF format)

            Template for Local Events (MS Word or PDF format) 

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Participant Tracking Tools

            Participant’s Step Log (in English) (PDF format)

            Participant’s Step Log (in Spanish) (PDF format)

            Monthly Log Sheet (PDF format)

Talk the Walk (Presentations)

            Presentation Options (PDF format)


                        Lesson Outline (PDF format)

                        Using the Pedometer handout (PDF format)

                        These Shoes were Made for Walking  handout  (PDF format)

Goal Setting

            Lesson Outline (PDF format)

            Set a SMART Goal handout (PDF format)

Excuses, Excuses

            Lesson Outline (PDF format)

            Slide Show (PowerPoint file)

Motivators to Move

            Lesson Outline (PDF format)

                        Discovering Motives to Move handout (PDF format)

            Matching Motive to Activity handout (PDF format)


            Lesson Outline (PDF format)

Slide Show (PowerPoint file

Ready, Set, Stretch! handout (PDF format)

What’s in Our Community?

            Lesson Outline (PDF format) 

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Youth Materials

Pedometer Handbook (PDF format)

                        Teacher’s Guide (PDF format)

            Walk with Me WIN Kids Lesson (PDF format)

                        Walk this Way handout (PDF format) 


            Evaluation Tools: How to Use (PDF format)

            Pre-program Survey (MS Word or PDF format)

            Physical Activity Inventory (PDF format)

            Coordinator’s Tally Sheet – Steps (MS Word or PDF format)

Coordinators Tally Sheet – Steps and Miles (MS Word or PDF format)

Mid-way Progress Report (MS Word or PDF format)

            Post-program Survey (MS Word or PDF format)

            Goal Assessment (MS Word or PDF format)

Follow Up Survey (MS Word or PDF format)

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