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Thought Bullets
December 2001

40 years of GI JoeTM

2001                                              1960s



After presenting my Size It Up program for a couple years and highlighting how we are bombarded with unrealistic and perfected images of the female body, I was challenged to present a more "gender balanced" message. I sent my colleague’s mother on a mission to purchase a older model GI JoeTM that I could then compare to a modern version of the action figure toy. I would like to thank Mary Kushel of Cheyenne for her diligence in finding a 1960's GI Joe (photo attached). Although the body measurement comparisons of GI JoeTM from the 1960's to the year 2001 are shocking enough, the pictures are what really bring attention to the idea that narrowly defined and unrealistic body "ideal" standards are now promoted for both females and males.


Source: GI JoeTM action figure from 1960's secured by Mary Kuschel, Cheyenne, WY.

Compiled by Betty Holmes, MS, RD

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