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Faculty Fellows

The Academic Affairs Faculty Fellows Program offers a unique faculty leadership development experience to some of the most accomplished faculty at the University of Wyoming. The program complements the University’s strategic goal and commitment to develop and mentor effective leadership by providing intense and focused experiences in leadership and administrative roles at the senior levels of the institution.

Fellows will work with the Provost and executive team, as well as other administrative and faculty leaders across the University on mission central projects that help to advance institutional goals in faculty excellence, academic policy, institutional data, online education, and student success.

As part of the program, fellows will become familiar with university-wide academic initiatives, strategic planning, budget issues, and challenges in higher education. In addition, fellows will make direct contributions to the Provost’s Office by taking on special projects and assisting in day-to-day routine activities. The goal of the program is to provide exceptional faculty members with a more expansive range of leadership experiences at the university level.

Program Goals:

  1. Cultivate and reinforce a culture of transformative academic leadership that supports organizational success by leading and managing change.

  2. Develop a collaborative network of faculty committed to excellence in education, and the continuous improvement of the faculty and student experience.

  3. Retain high performing faculty and prepare promising faculty leaders for future leadership roles.

  4. Provide ongoing faculty involvement in and contributions to the Division of Academic Affairs, and

  5. Stimulate university conversations and act as a conduit for communication with the Office of Academic Affairs

How to apply:

Previous Faculty Fellows

The six current Faculty Fellows and their project descriptions are listed below.

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