Past Events

After 50 Years does Black Studies Still Matter? A Critical Critique, 10/13/2020

The Illusion of the American Dream Vs. The Reality of the Death of Black Wall Street, 12/10/2020

Cinematic Realism and Racist Propaganda: The Birth of a Nation, 2/1/2021


3rd Annual Black History Month Conference, 2/5/2021


The Miseducation of the Negro and Black Studies, 2/8/2021


Medical Mistrust, Vaccines, and the Black Community, 2/11/2021


Cinematic Realism and Racist Propaganda: Before They Die, 2/15/2021


Critical Self-awareness in Anti-racist Leadership, 2/18/2021


Cinematic Realism and Racist Propaganda: Rosewood, 2/22/2021


A Tale of Two Towns: Black Homesteaders and the Myth of the American Dream, 2/23/2021


Challenging Police Perspectives on the Controversy Surrounding Defunding, 2/25/2021

Oral History Series: Dr. Jacquelyn Flemmings speaks about Gabriel (Prosser's Slave), 3/18/21


Oral History Series: The Legacy of Liz Byrd, 3/31/2021

The Three Assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr., 4/8/2021

Allyship, White Privilege, and Social Justice Racism, 4/28/2021

Revisiting the Southern Manifesto: Blacklash, 5/20/2021

What to the Slave's Children is the Fourth of July? 7/2/2021

The Negro Question and the Hamitic Curse, 10/18/2021


The Negro Question and Racism is a Public Health Crisis, 11/15/2021

Reimagining Black History Month, 1/24/2022

The Negro Question and American Exceptionalism, 1/31/2022

4th Annual BHM Student Research Conference, 2/4/2022

The Negro Question and Voter Suppression, 2/7/2022

The Negro Question and the Black Quarterback, 2/14/2022

The Negro Question and the Black Panther Party, 2/21/2022

16 Shots and a Cover-up: The Assassination of Laquan McDonald and the Negro Question, 2/28/2022

Malcolm X, Radical Pedagogies, and the Negro Question, 3/7/2022

A War for Cultural Relevance, 3/28/2022

MLK's "Where do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?" Book Club part 1, 10/5/2022

MLK's "Where do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?" Book Club part 2, 10/12/2022

MLK's "Where do We Go from Here: Chaos or Community?" Book Club part 3, 10/19/2022

A Conceptual Analysis of White Supremacy as the Root of Global Racism, 10/24/2022