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The Academic Program Review Process is moving according to University Regulation 6-43, and the first comment period cited in the regulation lapsed on December 16, 2016. A department head and dean response were required and received, along with many other public stakeholder comments. As per the University Regulation’s process, all of that information, along with the initial proposal and supporting materials, have been sent to the Academic Planning Committee (APC) of the Faculty Senate along with the Chair of Faculty Senate, as well as the Staff Senate and ASUW. The Faculty Senate bodies are required to review and provide feedback to the Provost as the next step in the process. The process for their consideration informally began in December, but officially starts Jan. 23, 2017. They have 60 days to provide their comments to Provost Miller. (See memos below). The Staff and student governing bodies have been invited to review and provide response(s) no later than March 24, 2017.

All responses and reviews are available in the Office of Academic Affairs for review.

Upon completion of the review and response period for the faculty, staff, and student governing bodies, the Provost will make her recommendations to the President on or near April 24, 2017. Included with her recommendation will be all comments, reviews, responses, and feedback from Phase I and II comment periods, including the Deans and Department Heads’ responses.

The President will make the final recommendations to the Board of Trustees. It is anticipated that the Board will take action in their May or June meeting.


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Phase 2 - Program Eliminations Proposals

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