Artificial Intelligence Committee

New! UW Regulations Specific Chatbot Info

Do you have any burning questions about UW regulations, but don't want to spend your spare time reading through them to find the answer? You can now talk to our own ChatGPT-like interface that knows about all UW regs to get answers. No more late-night reading sessions or uncertainty about what you can and cannot do! Please visit: -- accessible from campus. Please be gentle, it's a prototype. Answers may or may not be correct, but references to the regulations are given so you can verify the answer.

Committee Members

Anne Alexander (Economics) 
Steve Barrett (Vice-Provost Undergraduate Education) 
Kaylin Brooks (Academic Affairs) 
William Cain (College of Education) 
Megan Jones (Ellbogen Center for Teaching & Learning) 
Noah Jones (College of Law Student) 
Paden Knull (ASUW) 
Lars Kottloff (Computer Science) 
Megan Levin (President's Office)
Alec Muthig (Information Technology) 
Brandon Roberts (Faculty Senate, Zoology & Physiology) 
Kathryn Senn (UW Libraries) 
Mia Williams (Counseling Leadership Advocacy & Design) 



Resources & Updates

AI Committee Charge Letter from Provost Carman (November 1, 2023)

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