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University of Wyoming

Session 10 - Resources

Adult Learning Theories based on Adult Characteristics

Andragogy (M. Knowles)

Adult Learning (P. Cross)

Overview of Adult Learners Forum/1650/trnadultlearner.html

Assumptions About the Adult Learner ~nebraska/curric/ttim1/aaal.html

Discuss your perception of the strengths and/or weaknesses of Cross's CAL Model. You may find it beneficial to compare/contrast it with other adult learning theories. Go to the following database to access brief summaries of 50 major theories of learning and instruction.

Explorations in Learning and Instruction: The Theory into Practice Database

Rachal, J.R. (2002). Andragogy's detectives: A critique of the present and a proposal for the future. Adult Education Quarterly, 52, 3 pp.210-227.