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Learning Style

Researchers are beginning to look closer at what learning is in relation to how we teach.

Closely related to learning domain is learning style. Adult educators Roger Hiemstra and Burton Sisco define learning style as

" a characteristic way of processing information and behaving in learning situations"

Other terms often used interchangeably include cognitive style, thinking style, learning preference and learning modality. Closely related are temperament and personality types and physical or perceptional styles. Psychologists and educators study these styles to improve instruction in an attempt to reach diverse learners.

Much of the research, especially personality, comes out of the work of psychologist Carl Jung. Links are made to the work of Sternberg and Gardners and their multiple intelligences which we will look at more later.

Over the years there have been numerous instruments developed to measure or determine styles. There are few valid and reliable instruments to measure these traits. There are also some research based instruments.

Oreo Cookie Personality Test

Perceptual LearningStyle Inventory