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University of Wyoming


1. Starting with when you left public school, list the significant events in your life up to and including the present.

2. On a time line sheet, place these events in their proximate position.

3. Take some time to look over this timeline now and see if any events tend to cluster together into broader time blocks. For instance, you may see that a certain period of time was the time in your life when...

4. Think of a name that describes each of these time clusters. Write these names in.

5. Reflect for a moment about these "names." Why did you call it that? Was there a major event which occurred during this time period that triggered the name? Was there a major feeling or impression attached to that time?

6. During each of these time periods were there any people who particularly stand out in your mind as helpful? List these people and the names of the time periods.

7. Would you say that you learned anything in particular during these time periods? Briefly describe what.