John P. Hewlett

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics

Extension Educator - 1987

Academic Degrees:
MS Agricultural Economics - Oregon State University - 1987
BS Agricultural Business - Montana State University - 1985

Areas of Expertise:
Risk Management in Agriculture
Integrated Ranch/Farm Management
Enterprise Assessment + Cost of Production
Machinery Ownership and Operation Costs
Financial Analysis
Applications of Technology in Agricultural


GOOGLE Scholar page

  Ag Help Wanted
  Ag In Uncertain Times
  Ag Survivor
  Enterprising Rural Families
  Farm Management Online Software
  Farm Management Publications
  Farm Management Wiki
  GrowinG Internship Program
  Insuring Success for Western Agriculture
  Living and Working on the Land: Building Blocks of Success
  Negotiation in Agriculture
  Risk and Resilience in Agricultural
  Risk Management for Ag Families
  Risk Navigator - SRM
  Rural Family Ventures
  Succession Planning
  UW Farm Management
  Western Extension Committee
  Western Risk Management Library
  Western Integrated Resource Education (WIRE)
  Wyoming Agricultural Mediation
  Wyoming Cattle Survey
  Wyoming Extension Showcase on Technology (WEST) - 2000
  Wyoming Extension Showcase on Technology (WEST) - 1998


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