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UW Alumni Association Strategic Plan

Tracing Our Roots

Only four years after the first class of 14 students graduated from the University of Wyoming in 1891, graduates at that time recognized the importance of establishing an organization to nurture alumni relationships.

The University of Wyoming Alumni Association (UWAA) formed on March 26, 1895 with eight graduates in attendance and two weeks later on April 15, 1895 adopted the first official constitution and bylaws to “promote the University interests and the affiliation of its graduates.” The leadership wasted no time in generating interest and enthusiasm for the UWAA by holding an annual meeting and banquet in the Ladies’ Study Hall on June 20, 1895. Thanks to the initiative and foresight of these few alumni, the UWAA was launched and the mission remains the same as established 122 years ago. Read more

Who we are

Goals and Objectives

Goal 1:

Educate, engage and mobilize alumni and friends to be advocates and ambassadors to advance a lifelong relationship with UW

Goal 2:

Be the catalyst for two-way communication with our UW Community to support UW aspirations

Goal 3:
Student Experience

Enrich the student experience cultivating a life-long connection with the UWAA and UW

Goal 4:

Secure fiscal and human resources to ensure high performing programs and services to meet the growing needs of the university and the UW Community