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Welcome to American Studies!

An image of the old Cooper House mansion, home of the American Studies program
American studies is an interdisciplinary field emphasizing the integration of the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences in the study of American experiences, past and present. Our Program places special emphasis on studying American cultures through course work, field experiences, and internships so that each student can apply academic knowledge to real-life circumstances. Our Program highlights international perspectives, as well as the transnational context of American impacts and experiences, in course work and in exchanges available to AMST students. AMST also highlights opportunities in the public sector, including historic preservation of buildings, neighborhoods, or landscapes.

AMST puts people, ideas, places, artifacts, images, and histories together in programs of study preparing students for specific career goals in K-12 education or work in the public sector (museums, collections, historic sites, interpretive centers, for example), or further education in professional schools and graduate study.

The program dates from 1952, placing it among the earliest to offer work in the interdisciplinary field of American culture studies. Students can earn both B.A. and M.A. degrees in American Studies.


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